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Greetings, Great Card!

I am having a small issue when accessing the card from a mobile device the music won’t auto-play and when I click on the sound ball it plays and doesn’t stop. In the desktop the sound ball works perfectly. All that I really need is for the music to play on mobile devices automatically.

Thank you

Hello friend.

This problem is in all of my cards, I still could not solve. It works normal on the computer, but in this mobile with this problem.

In fact, the music plays yes, but it takes to start. I have a phone and a tablet, and the two take a few seconds for the music to start.

I’m trying to solve it, the file will soon be updated with this problem fixed.

Hi. I like the card but would like to make some changes to it. i want to add:

a) more gifts under the envelope itself

b) some animated stars on the balls on the right hand side.

c) and a father xmas figure on the right hand side.

I can edit codes etc… but need some guidance. thank you.

Hi! Thank you for purchasing the card!

Look, unfortunately your changes are not possible in an easy way. To insert them and animates them is very complicated.

I advise you to insert more presents and christmas balls in the design of the card itself. You can open the background image of the card and insert these new elements. Lots of people do it.

Merry Christmas =)

Hey wall-e!

Great cards! I’m surprised there aren’t many HTML5 cards out there!

Just a quick question, as I’m having trouble with the music! I have contacted my hosting providers and as far as I know they support .ogg and .m4a formats. Still it seems I ‘m not able to make it play the sound

So my only option left is to work with .mp3 format. What should I change to reflect this change?


Hello Maikko, I thank you that your contact!

Look, unfortunately I do not know how to change to mp3. Mp3 files are licensed, the program I use to make the card does not work with this type of audio.

But the problem must be yes to your server. Many people have this problem, and is always resolved requesting server support. Check with your hosting server if they really supports ogg and m4a audio files.

Hugs, Merry Christmas!

Hey! I finally did it! After 4 hours of coding! At least I know some coding now! It’s all in the web.config file!

That was a touch one! I think it’s time to go home now! :)

Thanks wall-e for your prompt response.

Wow, congratulations! Any questions can search me!

Greetings, just bought this e-card.

I uploaded to our server (http://gtec-power.com/christmas/2014/) and the music auto-play on the desktop computer browser (Chrome) however on the ipad mini and handphone browser the music does not auto-play.

It only plays when I click on the music icon, and then I cannot stop the music after that.

Any solution.

If in your 2013 card, you need to download the new version. The card this already upgraded to 2014. firefox had updates and the music stopped playing.

If the new card, send me the link to see if it’s all right. Check the preview here on Codecanyon. If the music plays, the problem may be with your server. Check that server supports ogg and m4a files.

here is the link; http://gtec-power.com/christmas/2014/

On Chrome mobile, the music cannot stop after click manually again.

Same for your demo

I put a function of “dumb”, when you click the button. But this button only works perfect on the computer. In mobile devices is a site difficult to control the volume.

Mostly the mobile devices have a separate button for sound control, which usually is next door. That is why in mobile devices, the youtube site has no volume button.

If there’s anything doubt, you can search me.

Merry Christmas!

Hi wall-e we purchased the card. Love it, but we need to move the link url position slightly to the left. Where can we adjust this?

My friend, you can do so. Open the file “c2runtime.js” and look for this code:

[2030,700,0,500,80,0,0,1,0,0,0,0 []

Where is “2030” and “700” are the x and y values. Modify them to you put them where you think best.

Merry Christmas!

Hi wall-e, thanks for the quick reply. I changed the above to read[2090,700,0,500,80,0,0,1,0,0,0,0 [], to test but the link text did not move, might the coordinates be somewhere else?

Can be cached on your machine. Try to open in another browser, or an anonymous window. Or delete the cache.

I tested here and it worked. 1030 and put the button was there back.

Hey I was wondering if the purchase includes the Construct2 code so I can apply a couple of changes to the card.

Thank you.

Hi friend. Does not include the file “Contruct” to modify the card is very difficult.

Thank you, Merry Christmas!

Hi I would like to move the whole block of text a bit further down but am not sure which bit to look at in the c2runtime.js?

I actually want to shift the text block left now rather than lower

Sorry friend, I confused. This card you purchased is more difficult to do this. Are other values:

[“Imagepoint 1” 0.5168986320495605,0.1183431968092918]

The first values are the values of x and the second y. Do not place high values, always begin with “0.”

Sorry again, and good work!

Thank you – that did it.

Hi, It´s possible to add HTML to text in XML, I need put 2 words with another color.

Can you Help ?

No friend, this is not possible. It is only a text block.

But you can place text on the image of the card which is in the background. Many customers do. Only need to know a bit of photoshop.

Merry Christmas!

Hi, I’d like to change the body color or the canvas color. But I’ve already changed the body and put the fill canvas inside the js in many places and didn’t work. How could I do this?

Ficou irado! Parabens!


We liked you card but we want to make a couple of changes if thats possible. We would like to remove the click to open the envelop, we would like it to be one fluid animation without the onclick. Can you advise us or guide us in the right direction where to change it.

Thanks in advance

Hi, thank you =)

In your xml file has a file option to open automatically. There at the end of the XML file, I put “yes”.

Take the test and see how it was. Just remember to erase the cache, or test in an anonymous window.


Hi, thanks for the quick reply!

My XML file just has the your_card class with the altered text but no option to open automatically or something similar. Maybe I missed something or is this located somewhere else than the your_card.xml file? (we bought christmas card elegant if you were wondering)

Thanks in advance!

Sorry, my mistake! Only the newer cards have this option! But send me an email to filippileonardo@yahoo.com.br I’ll try to work it =)

Hi I am starting to edit the card and i would like to allow more space for the text. Is it possible to increase the height to allow more space for the text? I didn’t find the code : [2040,360,0,480,340,0,0,1,0,0,0,0 []

Best regards


Hi! I understand what you want to do, but the card had been limited to the space of the card.

But it can do so, let the white text in xml, and photoshop you insert the text on the card image. I believe this is the best way to put more texts.


thx i have just found the line

Hi i would like an automatic open, and i can’t find the yes option in the xml. Could you help me ? Regards Thx

Hi friend. Please send me an email to filippileonardo@yahoo.com.br

I’ll see if I have something that can help you.

How can I make modifications such that the “envelope” opens automatically on page load.

Or how do I auto click the logo?

Hi friend, I answered your e-mail!


I am interested in buying the card but I want to know if it is possible to change the music clip

Yes, it is possible. A lot of people do this, you just need to replace the files. The formats are m4a and ogg.