Chopping Charlie

Chopping Charlie

About Game:

Chopping Charlie is all about keeping warm in the winter. Charlie needs to cut lot of wood and get ready to burn some fire. Chop the wood by using simple game mechanics.

Keep an eye for the cute little Beavers popping in and hiding in the woods. Please don’t chop it or it will be all over for Charlie.


  • Tap on right side of screen to hit right.
  • Tap on left side of screen to hit left.
  • Cut the wood and don’t let it fall.
  • Don’t kill the cute animal !

Game Features:

In-App Purchases

  • Option to Remove-Ads

Features On iOS

  • Vungle video Ads.
  • Admob Banner Ads.
  • Chartboost Interstitials.
  • Game Center Integrated.
  • Leaderboard.
  • Game Rating Feature.
  • Social Sharing.
  • Google Analytics.
  • iOS 10 Ready.


  • Xcode
  • Project is made with Xcode & Cocos2dx (Version 3.3).
  • Cocos2dx comes installed with the project so you only require Xcode.
  • This Project also contains Android support ( because Cocos is multi-platform ) but you will have to port it to android yourself.

For special changes or Re-skin services, please contact us : contact@ and get free quotation.

Complete Documentation is included in the project that included step by step guidance to set up the project and change any kind of images, easily replace them with drag & drop class for changes (For Example: change player.png with your file to change it).