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Please add android version:)

Good day. Coming soon

Great app!!! i am waiting for android version!!! please kindly reply how soon is the android version is coming?

Good day. Thank you. Coming soon

Tested from ap store. I did have a few crashes (iOS 10.1 beta 4) the ap voting stopped working. Tapped to vote, got the animation shake but didn’t register the vote – then crashed. Second issue – when adding a question the user cannot see the 3rd answer when typing it. Keyboard hides it.

I just tested the app, fortunately I did not see such mistakes

Ok, thank you… must be just me then. Good luck with sales. Nice concept.

Thank you forced us to test the application again. We found a small, but already corrected. Kind regards, Appteve Dev

Need App Store demo or possibility to register or demo login !

in review

I also get crashed on my iPhone on demo app. iOS 10.0.2 (NOT BETA). I think the app is crash for example if I try to post a question and I do not choose a category. But also the app crash when I’m just scrolling.

Good day. For all technical questions we have support site. Please go to http://help.appteve.com and create a new ticket. Unfortunately we don’t provide support in the comments and mail. Kind regards, Appteve Dev .

When the app will be available in appstore? Need to test it before

Good day.
Thank you for interested in our product.
Video screenshots and descriptions is enough to understand how the application works.
Envato rules do not oblige us to do a demo application. It makes no solely at our discretion, and there is free time staff.
Regards, Appteve

I ask you that because in your description you wrote “Temporarily unavailable”. You don’t want to provide one that’s your choice but it’s also mine to not buy without one. Regards

Great App … Please add native-web version to support phonegap .. thanks

Good night.
We are ardent opponents of the development of hybrid applications (Phonegap, Cordova and etc. ).
We develop native applications only.
Regards, Appteve.

thanks for quick replay .. this app support right to left language like arabic and what is user and pass for demo panel thanls

We can make any changes to the application. Just write to us at support.
Regards, Appteve

do you have video demo ? can you support arabic language

Good evening.
Thank you for your interest in our product.
If you look closely at the product description page you can see a button ””Video Preview”.

The application is not localized. If you need to localize an application, please contact our customer support. http://help.appteve.com. Login or Sign up and create a new ticket.

Regards, Appteve

Hello, still waiting for android version

Unfortunately, until a small amount of sales of applications for iOS

Hi, how long does it takes to develop this app for android? as we want to purchase both versions together. Thanks

I have seen but what do you mean with “sales of application for iOS”, are you waiting for it certain sales , if yes how much ? as we need both versions, and most of all for android.

In order to begin to develop something new, we need to make a budget for the new. I do not see any reason to make an application for android, in view of the fact that the extremely low level of sales iOS app. What is the benefit to me to spend a month of work and only sell 3-4 apps?

Yes I understand, Please send me your email and quote for android app, as I need to know developing cost for android version only for us. or just contact us at info@appsvilla.de .

Nice product ;)

I can like the questions and add to favorite !

are you use Xcode 8.2 to bulid this app ?

Update, we are ready. But approval envato takes 5 to 12 days.

great app but has a lot of bugs.. and no notification page no count followers / followings thanks for the a great app

Good day.
Thank you for purchased our app
The application may not be error – for this there are many reasons.
For all the technical questions we have support service: https://help.appteve.com
We do not provide support in the comments and via mail.
“no notification page no count followers / followings” – It is your personal desires, who told you that these functions must be in the application? No common rules for the creation of applications. You should understand that to create an application that satisfy all users physically impossible. We need some new features in the application? No problem, please contact customer service
Kind regards, Appteve

Can I deny to users make a questions ? I only want the user can response questions maked for the admin. Thanks! Nice idea , but necesary Android verision

Good day.
Thank you for writing to us.
All application specification is written in the product description.
You should understand that to create an application which would support all user requests, it is not possible.
If you need more features, you can always write to our support team. https://help.appteve.com
Given the large number of sales, the release of the application for Android has been postponed indefinitely.
Regards, Appteve

Hi there i have 2 questions:

1) when will you release the updated version of the app ? And in this update will you have admob support?

Good day. The app does not need to be updated on this day. We do not add new features to the application. Regards

Hello, I have one issue, Swift Compiler Error, override private var isHighlighted: Bool { in floatingactivesheetcontroller. Please write me how to solve this. Thanks

Good day. For all questions we have support site. http://help.appteve.com. We do not provide support in the comments. The speed of response to your ticket is from 20 minutes to 4 working days. Regards

Hello, no plan to do the Android App ?

We did not think about it


I would like buy one, it support Xcode 8.3.3 ?

Only current versions of the development environment , Xcode 9.X