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I want to buy if it has Admob banner or interstital… ? Let me know it has Admob

Currently, No! I do not think that I will add that feature. I cared more about the design and the user experience.

Is there available demo to check it’s look and functioning.


I have it in my android phones, but It looks exactly as the screenshots and it takes less than 10 minutes to configure it.

I want to check on my mobile before purchase, if possible please upload on dropbox.

There is a setup video for this App in YouTube which has a walk-through for the app http://youtu.be/IDr_gmXiVVM

Main Question if the person is sending the images or videos , were does its stores.. Do we require the hosting

Demo apk is essential to check the features

No it does not need any servers, and the Images/Video will be auto deleted while they are viewed by the receiver. So the less than 10 minutes setup I was talking about is connecting Parse with the application, and Parse is free. It does all the back-end work for you all you need is to setup an account and copy/paste the Parse ID to your app. There is a video showing you that, included in the Application folder.

this mobile app was released here
before :)
report to envanto team

Who cares even if they remove it. I developed this app from scratch, my design is way better than yours and you know it.

this design was my first app version design :) anyway im asking you to remove it off codecanyon, or im sorry im going to send DMCA take down letter to envato

Instict is a funny thing, best of luck on that. I’m not mad, just happy. Take Care!

Any apk please

No apk, sorry.

It’s so funny and it does not make any sense that you are selling your first template on codecanyon and you are finding it difficult to provide a simple apk file for buyers to test run.


no demo no sale or put video walk-through atleast

There is a setup video for this App in YouTube it has a walk-through for the app http://youtu.be/IDr_gmXiVVM

Please share demo.


There is a setup video for this App in YouTube it has a walk-through for the app http://youtu.be/IDr_gmXiVVM

No apk demo. no sales. good luck

Hello, can you text or comment through app?

Hey, so this app is like snapchat but you can text or comment. You can send pictures and videos which they delete themselves automatically

great you can text and chat thanx

you can send images and videos only, I had to design it a little different than snapchat and the videos/images delete themselves like snapchat which is cool lol

I am looking to have an app like Tinder/Snap chat and with a few photo editing option all in one and just wondering about same features have this app..?

This app is more like snapchat but without the photo editing options. You can easily snap and share or even pull out edited photos/videos from your gallery and share them.

Hi, can we add chat text ? is it chat or just sharing files?

its for sharing videos and images, and they appear for a limited amount of time like snapchat

Add admin Verified profiles and ill buy.

Its there already, You can turn off the the Allow anonymous users in the Parse dashboard and control all the registered and New Users on your parse Data of users.

does the receiver reuire the same app for self destruct or can recveive in any app

it requires same app, its like snapchat

admin panel? I think Incomplete Application… :(

The admin panel is on your parse account, if you followed the video correctly, you can see everything on your parse account and manage them. Parse acts as the admin panel of this app.


can i message using this app, can you please add a messaging part to this. do you have any plans of this

No, you cant. It’s meant to send videos and pictures

Parse is dead…. can it be integrated with onesignal???

this is good app for sharing private video or photo, but parse is not active right now, we can use firbase, but the code …