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Apk please

I have problem. can you help me with TeamViewer ? – my skype : emfrees

Send an email to dawayoapps@gmail.com with your problems.


I highly recommend. Best seller

You can add admob If you have BuildBox.

amazing game bro

thanks men :) !

Where is the place for admob code ???

Send an email to dawayoapps@gmail.com . I will send you all the information and support.


qual a versao do BuildBox ele funciona

Buildbox 2

Bug in your Code (Vulnerability):

Libpng library The vulnerabilities were fixed in libpng v1.0.66, v.1.2.56, v.1.4.19, v1.5.26 or higher.

Can you update this version without this bug?

thank you for your answer. But i don’t work with Buildbox. Can you say me, when the update with this fix it is ready?

In Review, in 2 days. But I sent to you via email

Great Support – THX :-) E-Mail: swisspro@gmx.ch

BuildBox made programs that can be imported in the Android studio ?

yes, but you have knowledge of programing

I have this error: Error:Android Source Generator: [ChickenRun] AndroidManifest.xml file not found. can you help me plz?

Yes , Send to dawayoapps@gmail.com with the information. the xml exist in the package but we wil help you to solve.


Hello, I just purchase this code. Can you email me how to integrate with admob on eclipse

Yes, Send the details to dawayoapps@gmail.com

Is it also has a learning to use program?

As well as learning to use in Android studio?

Te documentation and support only for help to import project and change the images.


can i use the same sounds in reskin i mean .. is it okay to change just the png files and can u make a video tuto how to ad admob on youtube :!!

The sound of the game are free copyright, if you want admobs we can add for you very cheap. We dont make videos.

please i have a probleme in appinvite style

Good day. For all technical questions we have support site. Please go to http://info-dawayoapps.xyz and create a new ticket. Unfortunately we don’t provide support in the comments.

Hi, I want to buy but i need to know is it full source code and license ? i need to change character and do some changes

Hi , You have the full project (Buildbox included) and you can change all the assest of the game on eclipse or android studio.

ihave aproblem wen i upload this game to eclip icant run game to test in genymotio ahave alotof eror

Dont use eclipse simulator or genymotion!! debug on real smartphone and works fine ;)

hello can u add admod for me my email bagazrachid@gmail.com

hi .can i use andriod studio .and thank you

ok .How can I buy them from you ?

Please go to http://info-dawayoapps.xyz and create a new ticket. After that I send To you all the informarion.


ok i create my compt

great game

work in android studio?

Yes, but you can have avoid compliances

Hi, I like this template! Can I get Android Studio Project file with Ad Mob integrated? Cos I am a non technical guy, but I can manage to re skin it. Thanks!


Yes, Send me an email and I’ll tell you the details


i did not find ADMOB ?? CAN YOU HELP ME


You find the admob banner on the file pt.generalsettings.atributtes, change the strings of google play.