CHEF - SaaS - Contactless Multi-restaurant QR Menu Maker

CHEF - SaaS - Contactless Multi-restaurant QR Menu Maker

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Start a business with this Contactless Restaurant Menu Maker within 5 minutes. With the help of this digital menu, customers can scan the QR code and check the menu on their phones.

Customer App Demo

Website Demo

Restaurant Adminpanel Demo

Restaurant Admin Login
User or email:
Password: 123456

Store App Demo

Store App Login
User or email:
Password: 123456

Admin Panel Demo

Adminpanel Login
User or email:
Password: 12345678

Restaurant Adminpanel (PHP Laravel) Features:

  • Login.
  • Items.
  • Category.
  • Addon Category.
  • Addons.
  • Order Notification with sound.
  • Orders.
  • View Order.
  • Promo Banners.
  • Pending Orders.
  • Update Orders Status.
  • Accept or Reject Orders
  • Print Orders.
  • Subscription Plans.
  • Table Management.
  • Store Settings.
  • Ordering Option On/Off.
  • Copy Store Url.
  • Waiter Call Option.
  • Order Status Screen.
  • Print Qr Code.
  • Customers List.
  • Service Charge.
  • Store Wise Currency.
  • Tax.

Admin Panel (PHP Laravel) Features:

  • Login.
  • Add ,Edit, Update Stores.
  • Enable Disable Stores.
  • Subscription Management.
  • Translation.
  • Settings.


  • PHP 7.3

Security Features

  • JWT Authentication
  • CSRF Protection
  • SQL Injection Protection
  • Secure Bcrypt Password Hashing

User Demo

User Page Click Here

Sass Website Demo

Sass Page Click Here to get the full app experience.

Restaurant Owner Demo

Restaurant Owner Login Page Click Here
 Password: 123456

Admin Demo

Admin Login Page Click Here
 Password: 12345678
 Note: All the user management and configuration related settings are disabled in the demo.

Version Log

 Version 8.3.0 [10/09/2022]
 1. [MAJOR] Customer Store performance Improved 10x.
 Version 8.2.1 [23/08/2022]
 1. [MAJOR] License Issue Fixed Update( Required Update ).

 Version 8.2.0 [16/02/2022]
 1. [MAJOR] Compatibility with Chef Waiter App Module (coming soon).
 2. Store Dashboard Latest Reviews Added.
 3. Copy Store Link Bug Fixed.
 4. Merge Dining Orders Added.
 5. Improved Store Panel Order View Page Ui.
 6. Custom CSS Added to Customer Panel.
 7. Customer Item List Veg Badge Issue Solved.
 8. Room Details Not Showing View Orders Page Bug Fixed.
 9. Room Number Alphabets Not Accepting Problem Fixed.
 10.Customer Item List Bottom Space issue Fixed.
 11.Accept order disabled in settings Bug Fixed.
 12.Comment Showing View Orders page Bug Fixed.
 13.Customer Panel All list Sorting Bug Fixed.
 14.Customer panel Items incriminate decrement option Added.
 15. Major Other Bug Fixed.
 Version 8.1.0 [04/02/2022]
 1. Customer Panel Auto Pick Table Number Issue Fixed.
 2. Rating and Review System (Order Rating) Added.
 3. Promo slider Added.
 4. Customer Panel Category Selection All Table Added.
 5. Recommended Items Long Text Issue Solved.
 6. Search Product Page Add to cart Button Added.
 7. Store Panel Product Sorting Price Added.
 8. Major Other Bug Fixed.
 Version 8.0.1 [27/01/2022]
 1. Delivery Charge Added.
 2. Customer Panel Table No Showing Error Fixed.
 3. Share Order to WhatsApp Added.
 4. Category Selection Bug Fixed.
 5. Orders Page Payment Type Showing Id Issue Fixed.
 6. Store Panel App Settings Search Section Bug Fixed.
 7. Store Panel App Settings Accept Order Bug Fixed.
 8. Store Panel App Settings Call Waiter Button Bug Fixed.
 9. Store Panel App Settings Language Section Bug Fixed.
 10. Store Panel App Settings Order Types Bug Fixed.
 11. Customer Panel Veg-Non Veg Badge Added.
 Version 8.0.0 [24/01/2022]
 1. Admin Panel Ui Issue Fixed.
 2. Store Panel Ui Issue Fixed.
 3. Customer Panel Ui Updated.
 4. Store Panel Product Sorting Added.
 5. Customer Panel Search Added.
 6. Application Speed Increased.
 7. etc
 Version 7.0.2 [30/10/2021]
 1. QR template Missing Translations Added.
 2. Dashboard Ui Issue Solved.
 3. Store Panel Ui issue Solved.
 Version 7.0.1 [27/10/2021]
 1. Categories sort Bug Fixed.
 2. Price rounding Missing Fields Update.
 Version 7.0.0 [26/10/2021]
 1. QR template Translation Added.
 2. Category Manual Sorting Added.
 3. Cart count Added.
 4. Price rounding issue solved.
 5. Store UI bug fixed.
 6. Data table updated.
 7. Store open close toggle Added.
 8. Store & Admin Login Page Ui Updated.
 9. Multiple Addon Added.
 10. Only Show Not Attended Waiter Calls.
 11. Store Dashboard UI updated.
 12. Product Enable Disable Toggle Added.
 13. All Ui Bugs Solved.
 14. Major Bugs Fixed.

Older Change Log

Click Here to read the full Change Log


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