Checkout4one - Magento One Page Checkout

Checkout4one - Magento One Page Checkout

Product Description

Checkout4one is simplified checkout process extension which provides better usability and increases the conversion. This module comes from previous customer’s requirements and also following the best practices for online checkout process criteria. Please read our product features and play our live demo, contact us if any questions.

Product Features

Powerful & Easy administration:

By simply enable the Checkout4one in backend configuration, the customized checkout process is running for your website.

On the other hand by disable the Checkout4one, it goes back to default checkout process or others.

Float Mini Order Review:

Most customers have more than likely viewed the products added into shopping cart also displayed during the checkout process. Checkout4one float mini order review shows all products during customer’s checkout process. The total cost is also clearly displays.

Multiple Theme Apply:

You might have multiple website in each own theme using same backend. Checkout4one is applied to specific website, and its theme is following the applied website.

Ease of Customization:

Although most sites would rather have customers complete the checkout online, provide a 1-800 number for customers who simply need some assistance with their purchase. Checkout4one allows you to apply up to three static blocks with customized content.

Stability & Durability:

Checkout4one always work well with latest version of Magento community version, and also latest professional and enterprise version.

Simple, Smart & Sexy layout:

Just two steps for user to checkout, login or register with clearly simple steps with indication bar. It is clearly indicating what to expect next for user.

Shipping Information:

As experiences, user would like to fill out the shipping information first and then billing information after, Checkout4one does this.

Registration Process at End:

checkout as guest and go straight to checkout, when the checkout process is finished, then system asks user to register account.

Count down timer:

customer will see the count down timer at one page checkout, it can increase conversation rate.

Coupon function at onepage checkout:

Customer can use coupon code at onepage checkout.


Live demo

Checkout4one Live Demo (
Checkout4one Admin Site Demo (

User manual

Checkout4one User Manual 1.3  (Download)



Version 1.3 (April 2, 2014) 


  • Extension based on Magento
  • Add coupon function at onepage checkout


  • support for IE10/IE11
  • incorrect respond for filling coupon code.
  • fix bugs

Version 1.2 (Feb 2, 2014) 


  • Extension based on Magento
  • Add count down timter at onepage checkout


  • support for Magento
  • fix bugs