diveloped does not currently provide support for this item.

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Noticed the developer has not commented for ONE YEAR ….

This software does not work. Don’t get caught. There appears to be no development and no support.

I just bough it, and try how it work

How do you change the currency on this

Yes, true, no support for this item and the Live Preview/Demo is hacked, so the script security is not acceptable-weak! :(

how can i implement the bar code to this system, i already have a scanner.

Hi, Do you think the update and develop?

i think author is dead :)

Hey, I am eager to purchase this product, but 1 small issue. After checking the demo, I only see percentage based discount option. Is there anyway to make manual discounts? Like lets say a product comes to 115.10 and I want to waive 5.10 directly instead of using a percentage method?


Tried the demo and it failed a lot. Support seems to be non-existant….however, I think I can take it and transform it. I might purchase it and gut it. Plug Freshbooks into it and call it a day.


Developer, Wake up!

This has been abandoned.

I would recommend that all who are or may interested in it to contact this sites admin and request it to be removed.

Script doesn’t work! i don’t find function money_format too many bugs! Want my money back!


Please I am looking for a PHP script that I can intergrate into an html website to make the html site to have a functional shopping cart.

I will like to know if you script can do that for me.

The site is responsive so I need to know if you script is also responsive.



Can you add FraudTrackr into your system? Their API integration looks pretty easy, you can see the documentation here: https://www.fraudtrackr.com/developer-api.php

Fraud protection is something that literally anyone selling online needs so I think we’d all benefit from it… plus, it’s totally free.

Hi, I am interested to buy it and I have few questions to ask. Does it have member reward point system? Does it suitable for multi store business? Thanks.

Good Morning.

I´m interested in buying your product but i have one question:

- I can add a multiple selection field?

- I can add a field where the option depend to the previous answer, that is , depending on a previous answer i can create another field where answers are relate a previous answer?

Can the POS support shoes shop where we will have for one shoe model different colours and different sizes? And each size of each colour of the same shoe model will have different stock.