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Having issues with 8.3. i sent you an email concerning this.

Thanks Greg


Answered. Thanks

Thanks a lot for this awesome app. Is it possible to add support for iPad as well? Thanks.

It has been in my mind for quite sometimes. Will look into it slightly later.

Hi Kalaichelvan , Does this support latest Xcode and ios OS? I am very much interested to buy this.

Yes. It supports latest versions both Xcode and iOS

I need something like this but that traces routes like a GPS, do you know of something like that?

sorry. not this time.

Hi is the app able to open to the original note creation screen when the user press the Note they created? Current when the note is pressed it does not open. It only just checks it off. Is it somewhere in the code that it can be implemented easily as it seems odd that it would not open back up to it when pressed. Please advise.

First, sorry for the late response.

It is possible to it. Currently the way the app written is to detect where the user press. If the user press on the right arrow button, it will open the editing page. other than the button, will toggle the check. We can limit the detecting point for toggling the check or uncheck and then invoke “didSelectRowAtIndexpath” to open editing screen. Its bit of work to do but can be done.

Does this support IOS 9.x and also XCODE 7.1.x or later. Also is this coded using SWIFT 2 which is known to be the future of all IOS developments going ahead ? How difficult or easy is to publish and is there documentation to show how to make minor changes (name, etc) and to publish or does it require major customization in the coding?

It supports the latest version and runs in latest Xcode. It was written fully in objective C. The code has commented in line so that making changes is easy.

bought thinking I can make as a basic app for my uni project..wayyyy too difficult..money wasted

I am not very sure why you have such experience. If you can share, it will help to improve my code and other users will benefit from it.

hi!there is a chance to see the Android version? or html5 edition?

not planned currently.

Please fix bug – I can’t see searchbar and can’t click detail cell on table to see.

i want to buy it … is the code updated ?

can you update the code for me ? replacing iAD with Admob?

Can you write to me from my profile? We discuss further.


Hi, I just bought this app. You mentioned about “ready for submission” Do you have a documentation how I can submit it to iOS? Because adding a new App to iOS is asking for Bundle ID. What is the “ready for submission” bundle ID?

Hi there, apologies for the delayed reply. Ready for submission means, code doesn’t require any changes in terms of functionality. However bundle id is the unique id which you have to create when you generate app record in itunes connect and it is app specific. The easy way to create is change the bundle id in xcode and let it sync with ITC. After a while when you create a new record in iTunes connect, your bundle id will appear in the list.


The work is nice but before buying it is possible to make the right-to-left orientations in case the Arabic language is Arabic.

Thank you

I afraid i won’t be able to make it due to lack of time. You may find someone else.