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Awesome work!GLWS :)

Cheers :) pick up a copy

List 3 is a checked bullet list – they’re intended to be there

Ah, that’s makes a big difference! All seem to be fine now, except Opera which still shows nothing. But the major browsers work fine now. Looks good!

Thanks – will see what I can find out about Opera but pick up a copy and enjoy checking off things :) i.e. Check out Opera update [ ]

Does this plugin actually allow my users to “check off” tasks?

how are they saved for each user after they log out then log back in to wordpress?

Hi – no it doesn’t have that feature in the current version.

We may build it into future version though.


so this is just a checklist design not an actual checklist? im confused as to its purpose

At the moment it’s a way to add checklists to your blog to break up the content.

Having them checkable on the front end as a way to mark off is something that’s been requested and I’ve passed to the developer of the plugin.


At this price point I d like it to have some sort print support to actually produce checklist for users

Hi print support?

Amazing plugin , keep going :)

Thank you :)

Plugin works fine except when you have a long item demanding two lines: the second line shows over the next item. How do I fix it?


Please direct all support to



Great stuff, so simple to use so glad i found this on here!


Cheers Miz

this plugin is over priced. Consider dropping it to $10 until you add features.

Would like to buy for $10

Hi – CodeCanyon set the price not authors.


The Live Preview doesn’t seem to have a Live Preview.

Depends on the plugin, for this one I’d at least expect to see a page with a checklist on it. More advanced, have a demo site with a database that gets reset every few hours with public access.

That page is not navigable to from

I’d start by simply having an example of it actually working on the homepage.

Hi there,

Do you have a live examples? I mean working ones, not a screenshots.



You can also watch a video showing you how easy it is to add check-lists here:

Is there a way to integrate a progress bar that show the progress of the checklist?

Hi bnCreative, thanks for checking out Checklist Plugin!

Currently this is a super-simple (but useful) plugin that just lets people add check-lists into their blog content, as a result there’s no progress bars or such.

The plugin will get development though, as per customers feature requests.


Woody CheckList Plugin

Do you offer custom development? There is a simple checklist with progress bar, but it allows the front end user to check and uncheck instead of the admin only. Thanks for your help.

Hi bnCreative,

Please do email me @ woody [at] checklistplugin [dot] com and I’ll see what I can do.




I would also be interested in the development bnCreative asked: “A simple checklist with progress bar, but it allows the front end user to check and uncheck instead of the admin only.” Also would be nice to remember the check unxheck status for logged-in users. Thanx

Hi Dania

Thank you for sharing your view. Well definitely look to add something along these lines in v2.0+



Hi, I like your plugin

Is possible to associate checklists with users? So a registered user will be able to create its own lists and available only to the user.


hayday Author Team

Hi gneto, currently this isn’t an option, though I’ll add it to the list! Thanks for dropping by and commenting :)

Hi, I just installed your plugin and really like it. I do have a couple requests. Is it possible to…?

1. Change or remove the associated background. I love the handwritten list, but not the brown background. 2. Move the placement of the checks. I like the lined paper option, but would prefer to have the checks show up before the items rather than after.

Thank you for the plugin and the help! Em

Hello Em,

Please direct your technical questions to this email: and check out the FAQ over at

Have a good day.

I joined the forum, but there doesn’t seem to be a thread for this particular plugin. Should I just post on the general thread?

I’m sorry Em, I corrected my reply shortly after posting it. Please send an email to: and check the FAQ over at

Sorry again for the confusion.


My client would like to save this playlist to be sent via email, it is possible?

Can I build chek list by category?


Is this plugin compatible with WordPress Multi Site? Thanks!

Hi – how so? You can network activate it sure.

Thanks for the answer! I just want to certain, so things dont break in the system because it is not compatible with Multisite. Better to ask than just play poker :-)

Again thanks a lot for your kind answer!

How do I delete the “Powered by Checklist Plugin” tagline that it automatically ads on my page? – NOT cool !


i, is this plugin mobile friendly/ responsive and working on all devices? Thanks

Hi – yep it works well :)

Any plans to add a description field to each checklist item. So a title and then a description of the item to use for things like guides. A collapsing description setting would further improve it. The plugin looks great but without a description it’s no use to me


How are you using it to need to describe the bullet points? This plugin is akin to writing a short bullet point list (which you wouldbtbtgen add short descriptions)

So what I was thinking is. Title – call car mechanic for an update : description – need to ask for Joe as he may not be finished. Call 08123456789. Or perhaps a more useful example would be something like title – go to some location : description – Google maps location embeded

Hi. The checklists aren’t checkable by the users. The plugin is a way of added mixed content to your posts.

hey guys, pre sale Q: does this plugin offer the option to save the list? I want to make a membership option om my site and want people to be able to save their checklist entries in their own member area. Can this be done with your plugin? Hope to hear from you!

Hi – no it doesn’t do this, it lets you output static HTML lists with various styles.