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Hello, I have followed your instructions but i cant seem to get the radio buttons to work. I have pasted the files on my server, and i am calling <link href=”checkbox-radio-pack.min.css” rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” /> within my head but they still don’t work? Can you please add instructions for the next step? based on my previous experience, i tried classifying the div as found in your sample but I am still not having any luck. The radio buttons just are not appearing. Thank you

Hi, css file stored in folder with your html?

yes both css files are with my html files

Can you send example to our email?

Interesting product but an recommendation is to have this pack with CSS3 styles, not with images. Maybe you will consider my recommendation for your next update.

Hi, Thank you! In next update we add some CSS3 stylesm and maybe try create full CSS3 version of current style pack.

Hi, I don’t quite understand whether these buttons are animated. For example can I use my mouse to drag a slider switch to the left or right?

Could you give me link to a demo, thank you! .....Or, if you intentionally don’t provide a demo, in order to protect your code, then can you provide a short screencam video showing how the buttons operate? (fyi you can make a screencam video in 30 seconds from the free online tool at

Thank you! Mark

Some problems with site. Now it works.

Thank you. Watched demo video, and it looks like what I need. Do you give us any sample code on how changing a toggle slide switch would do something? For example OnChange()

Hello, I was wondering the ETA is for the full CSS3 version update? Thanks!

No, there are no updates planned

Awesome work, well done!