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What is the status of the API access? I just bought the script and it doesn’t work. Thanks

We are currently working on it if you want we can refund your money. Please let us know.

Sure, that would be great. Thank you.

Hi i wonder that does this tool have file uploading option? if yes then i will definitely purchase for my website, because right now my website plagiarism checker tool’s uploading format is not working.

Hi, No it doesn’t have such option.

is there any change to make it work again, because right now the script has stop working and it returns only 100% procente results?

Currently we are working on it cause google stopped its API access.

do you have an estimate for the new release?

I can’t commit anytime but it would be soon.

Hi i want to purchase the script asap but when is it going to work again?

Google stopped free API access… are you aware of that?

ah i see, ok. I’ll wait for you to fix it then.

Hello did you solve the issue .. i want to purchase . please inform

Your script is showing as 100% unique content but in deep search i found which is only 20% unique, it’s not deep checking.

Yes as we said above we are fixing the issue.

When are you fixing it ?

When are you fixing it ?

hi i wanted to buy your script but it doesnt work it says even the content that is not unique it even says that is unique….

Hi, Thanks for showing interest in this script currently it’s not working cause google stopped API support so are trying to fix it.

Since Google Stopped API Is there is any alternative

No best solution found yet :(

any solution found

any solution so far in place of Google API

Hi, can i see the DEMO?

Will be available the new API? Currently not working :(

You can try the Yahoo API. It offers similar options :)

maybe Google CSE is a way to make this script work again

I purchased this script some months ago and I think only function 1 week. If the script does not function why is still available on this site? I think it must be out to sell on this site.

hello, do you intend to make it work any time soon?

Purchased but License Key not working. Mailed twice but no response. Am I Cheated.

Hi can we change 1500 words limitation

can we increase limit from 1500 to 10000

Just checked this and it’s definitely still broken, any chance of a fix any time soon?