Discussion on Chatty Meet: Free Meeting App for Android, IOS and Web

Discussion on Chatty Meet: Free Meeting App for Android, IOS and Web

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Front End web application in what framework ?

Good luck with your sales

Is there almost empty fake archive without any flutter code, as is in Chatty?

8 month and no updated source provided, what’s this please?

how to cclaim chatee free of cost and it cost 144USD?


Kindly send your purchase code at

and keep in mind that we are offering only compiled version of Chatty in standard licence(source code is only available in extended licence)

what to do with compiled code only? this is not normal at i allready have chatee meet. binary code isn’t a option at all.

Hi Team

I really appreciate the work you have put in for Chatty. I would like to purchase it. But before doing so, I would want you to answer the following things:

1) I already have a mobile app based on flutter in which I want it to be integrated. Would you be helping us in case of any issues while integration?

2) I see screen share written as one of the features, but I don’t see it integrated as of yet in the mobile app available on play store. Can you let us know when would that be possible?

3) Is it possible to save the live conference or probably stream it over youtube and save it there?

4) What are the server requirements in the long run? What would be the run-time costs? Would you be providing support for it?

5) Will we be able to join the same meeting from web and mobile? Is screen sharing available on the web?

6) Can we share a youtube video in the conference?

Regards Rohith

Hi, Thanks for your interest in our work.

We are providing scalable backend for meeting, even scalable to thousands of concurrent users.

Screen sharing is not available in mobile app a of now(available in future update), any how you can share screen from web and view on mobile.

Yes, you can save conference(different server required for recording)

Yes, you can join same meeting from app, web and even desktop app(sold independently)

You can share youtube video in conference.

For further info contact


1) In the app listed on play store, I don’t see the share screen feature. Rest looks very good. Can you help me understand how that can be enabled.

2) Also, is the difference between this version and the other chatty app version only chat?

3) What would be the server expenses when the app scales?

4) Will we be able to join the same meeting from web and mobile?


Consider if yo can add below funtionality:

Fully customizable front end website where non coders user can rename menu, tabs etc through admin panel.

Allow admin to charge users (students) in-order to access classes. offline payment gateways such as bank transfer and mobile money transfer is adequate. users will see instructions to pay then upload transaction code at the time of submission for admin to use as evidence to approve and confirm payment.

Implement login module where users can login as either student or tutor.

As above, Allow teachers to create profile with experience, area of specialty, academic qualification, work experience, etc.

As above, Allow students to create student profile with class level, class name, subjects, school etc.

Enable in-form self customization through admin panel so that owner can rename the table tabs. i.e ‘create meeting’ can be changed to ‘create class session’ , schedule meeting can be renamed to ‘schedule class session’.

Allow module to share materials such as homework, notes, etc – Tutor to attach downloadable content for students to download with specified deadline. the content is mapped to certain class.

Allow module for online assessment – Tutor can set questions and post with students expected to answer. Questions are mapped to a particular class session.

Allow module where student can upload homework before set deadline.

Allow module to maintain student access history and tutor to see attendance history of her class.

Yes, this is possible.

Kindly contact us at

Thanks, you’ll get reply soon from dev team.

bro, you have to either update and provide full source code, otherwise refund me. can’t wait more

We are sending you updated source code to you mail shortly.

bro, time is passing, no?

please, quick update.

Brother, tommorow we will definitely update.

otherwise, simply zip it to me. i am in a loss…

Thanks for you patience

Do you provide custom reskin, rebrand, color and logo change ?

Yes, at minimal price of 20$

waiting for full source code…, the package is incomplete!

In This source code web+mobile app both..?

also tell me about features

like @ Present Code In Web Model screen sharing,white board recording,live streaming aviable ??

Pre purchase question, what is the difference between this app and the , I have my own jitsi meet server running and would like to connect it to it. Can i use this version, is the source code included?

Chatty is complete one to one chatting, meeting and group chatting(upcoming) app and Chatty Meet is just small part of main Chatty app. In Chatty Meet you just get meeting feature.

You can use your own Jitsi server in both apps and source code also delivered for both apps.

Ok on the other version of the app, when is sending video, documents,etc in chat, the basic functionalities these days expected to be launched?

hello, discount please. i dont need any server on my side.

I am waiting for the demo that happened. Can I try your new apk?

i have my own vps can i install over my own vps

Yes, we also help you to do this.

Great Work, Congratulations GLWS? IF what is vps requirement if i provide for more than 2000 user (private copnany meet)


You need minimum one main Jitsi installation and atleast three separetaley configured JVB servers. Aproximate cost for 4 vps is 55$ per month

Great Work, Congratulations GLWS :)

Thanks for Comment

Congratulations! Nice Work, Good Luck with Sales :)

Thanks for Comment


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