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HI I want to buy but want to ask that can we use GCM api for chatting? Or its already with GCM (Google Cloud Messaging). Plz confirm asap

GCM is only for Android apps, this is an iOS app so no CGM at all, it uses Parse Push server with .p12 certificates that must be generated from the Apple Developer portal.

Can i test your Application

we’re not aware of links of our clients versions on the App Store, hopefully somebody will post a link to his app here in the comments.

Hey there, I actually can’t seem to parse it with Back4App as their design has changed and your User Guide is rather outdated. Any info on how I can still get it to run?

Hi, yes, they have changed their page layout a couple of days ago, and we’re in the process of updating the user guides of all our apps, but since they’re a lot it’s taking a long time :(
So we’ve prepared this sample video that shows how to create a new app and grab the app id and client key for the Configs.swift file, besides showing also how to manually add classes and data: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TxeTFdSVCDA
Hope this helps!

HI you updating this app for Updated GoogleMobileAds.framework and its relative code

yes we did it in Jan 18th

Guessing the update will come out soon?

as i said above, we’ve updated it already on Jan 18th, so you can download it on your Downloads page: https://codecanyon.net/downloads

Hi, I’ve mentioned it before and I’m trying to track the issue down. If defects all your Facebook apps that allow you to login through Facebook.

I’ve got a few demo Facebook accounts which sign up ok and my personal one crashes the app and add weird info into the parse dashboard. Since other users have signed up and some other users Facebook accounts are causing the same issue, I believed it could be something to do with profiles been set fully to private, maybe can’t extract all the Facebook info it needs??

ok, so do you mean that some of them cannot successfully sign up with Facebook? is your app live on the App Store?

Correct, must be something to do with the user profile settings

i’m not sure about it because even if you edit the info before confirmation the authorization for FB to login, you cannot uncheck the Public Profile option, so all you may miss in your User class is the email address of a user, not his Full name, username and picture.

any group chat coming function soon??

The chats view takes ages to load after you have been chatting for a while, is there a way to just see the last 10 messages?

Then slide up to load older messages if needed?

hmmm very poor then guys

After 50 messages it takes 7 minutes to load the chat

It may depend by your internet speed and the back4app server speed, a combination of those factors.

I’ve tested the app with tons of messages and it never took up to 7 minutes to load chat messages on my side.

did you use LiveQuery ?

no, Parse SDK hosted on back4app.com


I would like to ask a few questions about your application.

I would like to know if an Android application was available.

I would also like to know if it was possible to modify the template of the application against money (I will like a theme more purified and more beautiful). I would also like to know if it was possible to create groups of people (several people). Can people add people?

Thank you

1. No Android version available yet, i don’t know when i may be able to build it
2. for customization requests please contact me by my profile’s contact form and i’ll get back to you with a quotation asap.

You Come Please android version

i’m currently not able to build it