Chattr - Private Messaging System for Perfex CRM

Chattr - Private Messaging System for Perfex CRM

Chattr is a private messaging system for perfex with a real time chat application between administrators, staffs and clients. It comes with lots of features like photo,file sharing, emoticons, like e.t.c and we are continuously updating it


This is not a standalone application it requires Perfex – Powerful Open Source CRM latest version or older versions from 1.5


  • Staff and administrators can privately chat with each other
  • Staff can chat with clients contact base on client project assigned
  • Contacts/Client can chat with staffs working on their projects
  • Group chat between staffs
  • Send photos through chat
  • Send files through chat
  • Emoticons with like button like facebook
  • Customize by changing colors via settings
  • Multiple chat boxes with dragging capability

Demo Details

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Admin Login Details

Client Login Details

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Version 1.3 22/11/2017

  • - Added support for RTL
  • - Fix auto scroll of messages when it contains images
  • - Fixed clashes when staff and client are loggedin in the same browser
  • - Client can’t see other any more
  • - Fix emoticons pane close button
  • Improved speed with 100%
  • - Improved emoticon selection experience
  • - Increase space from bottom for the chat opener icon to prevent covering the perfex save button

Version 1.2 (20/10/2017)

  • Added new emoticons
  • Improved the design
  • Added option to view group chat members
  • Improved chatting experience by 50%
  • Fix group chat delete option
  • Fix placeholder of message not translated
  • Fix issues cause when on page like messages or message settings

Version 1.1 (19/8/2017)

  • Added 15 languages support
  • Added OPtion to hide chatboxes at once
  • Added Messages page with open to send a message
  • Added Logging of messages for adminatrator to track messages
  • Rebrand chat design
  • Added photo viewer
  • Added auto focus after sending message
  • Fix customer profile issue
  • Fixed empty message sending
  • Fixed empty title for group creation
  • Fixed css issue on left messages

Version 1.0

  • Initial release