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Its a fake application I tried everything in the documentation waste of money I want my money back or just make the up and run atleast giving reply is your primary responsibility

your Demo does not working! appear “No se puede resolver la dirección DNS del servidor.”

has the app the possibility to disconnect current user quickly by a link ? an disconnect and get next user function ? Would be interesting if not

is this app updated and fully supported still? i like the logic and the same what i want.

Hi, I buy it but don’t work

Don’t work, I want my money back

Hi, the script working fine but the documentation is wrong. not working if try to follow the instruction on documentation.

Any chance of a demo? I am interested in purchasing but would like to see the script live.

Hello is this script still working?


app still working???

is this still working? can it work in shared hosting?

The demo has been started and is listening on port 10000, and the client is configured to connect to it, but unfortunately the application is still not running properly.

Are you using


Anyone got this working?