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Hello, I have am creating a website in codeigniter. I want to add this to my website. can you please guide me, about how to integrate this to my website?

hello author,

we checked your product demo.But there is no notification when a new user chat comes. We want any notification when a new chat comes. If it is ok we are ready to purchase .Waiting for your reply

Hi, I’m loking for a chat that offers sending group massages option. Does this has it?

no it doesnt have

I just installed buy i’m afraid that nothing happen!! there is the picture and a blank space in the right side. please help.

use the profile page form

i will not publish my ftp access here there is a form on the right side, thats the form i am talking about

What are the PHP server requirements because my site is slow to load the chat, login and register.

I’m the one with the problem? I really like this chat and I can not use it all is slow …

Everything is now ready, not that way.

as I can use a chat widget? within <head> of another page PHP with Javascript. Thanks…

Hi i am venkatesh,

Can you tell me, how to integrate Chatigniter live chat app with codeigniter. I have create website like social network for that i need chat app, So pls tell me the process of integrating this Chatigniter with codeigniter.

Thank you.

Can I use this chat in “xampp” for employees internal communication?

yes you can

hi sir

i want to know if i can integrate it to my system ?

Yes you can if you have CI skills

hi sir

chat not supports arabic language ?

Hi, Is’t support mysqli??

Hello, we bought your Chatigniter application, but it seems it comes buggy with several errors. We tried to install it under several different configurations, but we always run into database problems. When will you release the next version?


This chatigniter is very useful, but do you have a version with codeigniter 3.* ?

Thank so much.

No i dont have a CI3 version yet


I would really like the chatigniter. Is it possible that you can make a version for us with group chat and sending bulk messages ? offcourse we would like to pay for it.

Kind regards,


At the moment i have alot of things that i am doing so i am not accepting customizations for now

Hello, i have an existing website and i would like to integrate the chat into it.

I need a minimalist version of the chat, no login, profile edition and stuff, just purely the chat.

i am using codeigniter, i already have a login & registration system, profil edition, etc.

Thank you :)

Hello Elantsys,

I want to integrate ChatIgniter in my current website created in Codeigniter. If I buy ChatIgniter , will I be able to edit it to group chats? Also I want to know which technology you have used for chatting. Does it contain all the database details and readme file so that I can integrate into my system

Hello, i’m interested in Chatigniter live chat app. I tried the live demo, but it didn’t work responsive in mobile. Is this correct? Only payed version works or is there some insue? I used iphone with this test.

HI does it support chat in another language? when i tried to post in arabic it doesnt work just displayed ?? characters only

Hi How can I change the title pls “Chatigniter chat system”

You can do it in the code

Hello there,

i am looking for an chatting-engine, just like yours. But i have two questions:

1. You are writing it is fully responsive, but when i shrink my browser to imitate the behaviour on my smartphone, there is nothinglik responsive – what am i doing wrong?

2. How can i get “in touch” from the ground up with new users? In the demo is just have friends, but how can i handel a “free chat room” where everybody can talk to each other, befor the “friend” themselfs to direct message?

Best wishes from Germany, Ben