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Hello alerma, if the script is made using codeigniter it will be easier to integrate, if its made using pure PHP you will need some programming skills to customize it.

pls buddypress version..

I will be creating a buddypress version, thanks

hi, it is possible to integrate in cakephp..

yes since cakephp is a php framework like codeigniter, it should be possible to customize it to work on cakephp. thanks

Would it be possible at all to make a standalone version outside of CI?

Yeah it is possible to have a pure PHP version without the CI framework

Hi, How do I add users? thanks,

You just need to enter to connect the existing users in your system with the chat table. The script is meant to work with your current system users. thanks

great chat system, congratz, keep the good work


You say there is a user management system. How easy is it to integrate with other systems (ie: ionAuth)? I’ve got a CI based system with ionAuth and would like to use this as a way to chat.

Its easy, you just need to load the chat tables to your database and then integrate it to your existing users. I can help you with the integration if its problematic

I can not login by Safari on Windows and Mac on live preview: http://codecanyon.net/item/codeigniter-live-chat-system-chatigniter/full_screen_preview/4542382

Can you check it?

I want to buy an Extended License? but in my App. have many person will chat in the same time (1000 person). Have any problem if have so many chat line at the same time?? Do you test it?

The script has no problem with many people chatting at the same time, it will be able to support, as for the safari bug, i am testing that and fixing the issue. Also i will be available to offer you support whenever you need. Thanks.

Im developing and admin system for multiple users. this chat fits perfect, so i just purchased, i already configured the mysql and base_url configs. But when i try to login i get an 404 error. the url is: chat/login/authenticate . hope you could help me. by the way, i would want to use the chat session as the session for access the system, what i would need to do? thank you.

Hello, Sorry for the late reply…have you changed the base_url to match your folder in the server?

Ok, Please open .htaccess file in the chat folder where you extracted the files. Change name “chatigniter” in the line

RewriteRule ^(.*)$ /chatigniter/index.php/$1 [L]

to the name of your folder. Let me know if that works.. About the folder login, it does not refer to a folder but a controller, thats codeigniter framework file structure.

Let me know if it works.

Hello, I am having the same problem as the above user. When login, get a 404 that chat/login/authenticate isn’t on the server.

Also, the error I get is /myfolder/chat/login/authenticate was not found on this server. I have noticed there is no login folder with the download I got. Should I add it or do you have a different version that matches this structure?

Ok, Please open .htaccess file in the chat folder where you extracted the files. Change name “chatigniter” in the line

RewriteRule ^(.*)$ /chatigniter/index.php/$1 [L]

to the name of your folder. Let me know if that works.. About the folder login, it does not refer to a folder but a controller, thats codeigniter framework file structure.

Let me know if it works.

That did the trick! Thanks for looking into it.

i wanna buy this. Is it easy to change the theme into site template like metronic admin template? i need this modul & use metronic theme for this.

pls is how compatable is it on mobile

it is very compatible on mobile

Hi, there’s no notification for us when there’s a chat… Then we have to constantly check the browser…

That feature will be implemented in the next release. Thanks

I am running Magento store http://www.transfashions.com Is it possible to integrate this chat in my store?

The script is made under code igniter framework, so to integrate it to Magento you will need some programming skills

i would my users to be automaticly in chat when they login from my website , and i wouls make only the bottom chat in my home page so no login required for my registred user can you help me for that thank you

errors when install the document pdf is not the same whith config file need help

Alright let me know how i can help you, which errors are you getting. Send me via email. Thanks

hello a pm has been sent

Hi, I am trying to integrate this script in my already built cms (based on CI). Which files I have to copy in my folder in order to make this work?

ftp acces and login database are alredy sent by pm not yet receive answer


I have already added the database details for you but you site has htaccess rewrite rules that are causing the script not to work since the script uses the codeigniter framework to create its urls. I cannot edit your site’s htaccess rules since it will make your site not to function.

Sorry for the delayed reply.

hello you can use my root htaccess no problem my website is at building and all what is whriting there is for seo

Please import the SQL dump file, or you send me the cpanel details i upload it for you.

i have my own users system and friends system

i have friend table { id , myid,friendid} i want this script working if only the user on friends table and also myid there i think you understand me . and i send you email .

Replied to your email

hello , you are using href=# class=username id=friend<?php echo $ctr; ?>” ><?php echo $buddy ?> to get username , if i want to change ,

i want to display full name in between a Full name /a what i should change ? i want your script will get username not from value of a /a from any att=$username i don’t want to show username in the friend list i wana show full name pls help

Hi samkaranja, I am interested in buying your app, I have some questions before, few chat windows support?, Is open to all users, or you can just chat with people added to your list chat?, It is possible to integrate it into this application? would be possible as its additional cost?



As in you need the chat to be accessed by only those that are your friends? At the moment no, but i can modify that it for you

what is the price of this modification?

$50 cause at the moment the users are just populated in the db so we need to create a way to add each other as friends so that they can chat