ChatBull Lite - PHP Live Chat

ChatBull Lite - PHP Live Chat

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Chatbull Lite is a Php Live Chat plugin to provide support to website visitors. It is built upon latest frameworks and technologies which includes CodeIgniter & AngularJS. Chatbull includes a huge list of features which helps entrepreneurs, small and large scale businesses to connect with their potential customers and understand their need.

Change log version 5.1.4 (28 May 18)

FIX - Fixed redirection issue in Mobile screen.
FIX - Fixed "Object not found" message issue in Mobile screen.

Change log version 5.1.3 (12 April18)

FIX - Fixed a minor issue in mobile screen.

Change log version 5.1.2 (31 January 18)

NEW - Designed email templates.
NEW - Send emails to admin and agent when new offline request placed.
NEW - Added Contact number option in Chat box Widget. 
FIX - Fixed minor issue in chat initiate section.

Change log version 5.1.1 (21 January 18)

NEW - Both minified and unminified version of js and css files.
NEW - Now Visitor will be notified when Agent goes offline during live chat.
NEW - On bypass of pre chat form, chatbox will ask for email address to visitor for transcript. 
NEW - Agent and Admin both can get chat transcript.
NEW - Now Visitor can skip feedback.
NEW - Added waiting window title option in settings.
CHANGE - Disabled default English language edit and translate option.
CHANGE - Now shows Display Name on chat widget instead of name.
FIX - Fixed minor issue in language translation.
FIX - Fixed minor issue in agent initiate chat section.

Change log version 5.1.0

- Fixed minor design issues
- Fixed visitor chatbox widget box hide issue on mobile devices
- Now a login popup automatically trigger if logged in user's session is expired in the admin or agent panel
- Fixed the issue of integrating chatbox widget in Magento 2 framework
- Added extra security layer to access APIs

Change log version 5.0.1

-Fixed edit department issue.
-Improve Languages and Sites listing pages design wise.
-Changed Image thumbnail cropper plugin
-Fixed dashbord design issue.

Change log version 5.0.0

- Multiple language support
- Operators can initiate chat
- New and user friendly design
- Site wise chatbox customization.
- Online visitors List
- Attractive and more analytic Dashboard. 
- Visited pages and active page information by Visitors
- Multiple theme for operator panel
- Fixed Https Protocol issue
- Made Security changes.
- Improved performance. 

Change log version 4.2.3

- Updated wordpress WP Chatbull plugin.
- Fixed bypass chat bug.
- Now chat history can be deleted from Admin Panel. Added delete button in Admin.
- Fixed Agent panel logout button issue.

Change log version 4.1

- Now both visitors and agents can share files in chat using file upload feature.
- New feature in admin to enable randomly showing agents to the visitors as suggestion
- A new ripple effect to highlight the chatbox
- Visitors can chat with specific agent
- Optimized the chat feature for better uses of server resources

To run ChatBull Lite, you only need following things running on your server:

  • PHP Version must be 5.3+
  • MySQL Version must be 4.x+

How ChatBull Lite helps you to grow your business

  • No Monthly or Early Subscriptions
    Simply buy this today and chat with your customers. That already saves loads of $ every month to you. Which you could consider your revenue. Right? :)
  • Your Friendly Word Unlimited
    With ChatBull, you get everything unlimited and its all on your server. You can create unlimited agents. They can chat with unlimited visitors simultaneously. Unlimited Departments, Unlimited history of conversations and many more unlimited.
  • Brand It Like Yours
    We do not put any brand name on ChatBull’s visitor chatbox. So, it presents like its your own chat plugin to support your visitors.
  • Customize & Configure
    Full control on customizing the look and feel, layout of chatbox widget, colors etc. You will be feeling like a boss.
  • Feedback from Your Visitors
    Your website visitors can leave feedback for the support they have got and this way, you can track how your support staff is performing.
  • Turn online ON/OFF
    You can easily turn the availability to your website visitors by simply pressing an ON/OFF switch in admin panel.
  • Offline Messages
    Your visitors can leave message offline if they are not available. So that your support staff or you as admin can contact them back later.
  • Analytical Dashboard
    The analytical dashboard gives you a big picture of what is happening. It tells you the how many people visits your website, how many of them contacts your support staff. It also shows GEO locations to tell you where your visitors are from. Most visited pages etc.
  • Visitor Info.
    When a visitor requests for a chat to your support staff. Your support staff can see which page they are on at the moment.
  • Browser Notifications
    Your agent can enable a browser notification on Google Chrome. So, when they are login in the browser, they can see a little notification popup whenever someone posts a message to them.
  • Sound Notifications
    Whenever someone (either visitor or operator) leaves a message, the second person will receive a sound notification. TINGGGG :)
  • ChatBull Supports Mutli-Domains
    So, you can keep on centralized admin panel and use ChatBull on more than one websites.
  • Canned Responses
    Now, your support staff or you as admin can create canned responses (a predefined set of message template). Which could be used to send to your visitors immediately without typing the whole text. Like a #Welcome template for a welcome message.
  • Emoji Support
    Talk with expressions. Your visitors and agents both can pass emoji icons to express their emotions :)

Its not the limit. You will find much more inside ChatBull and rest assured, we are not going to stop this here. We will continuously be making it more cool day by day.

If you face any trouble. Feel free to raise a ticket at

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