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Hi is it possible to have the chat system load onto specific pages only or does it need to be site wide?

hey by default it is not possible, but after purchase we can add some changes so it shows on specific pages only.

Hi, I bought your plugin a couple months ago and love it. I do have one issue. How do I disable notifications coming from the plugin? I keep getting a “You have a new visitor” notification when it’s just me as an administrator editing the website in the back-end. It seems like even if I’m in wp-admin it recognizes me as a visitor when I am not.

hey we have realized this issue we are working on a new update with this fix and some more new things.. that will fix the notification.


Is there an admin demo?

I already sent you a request via the contact on your profile, but got no reply.

Thank you.


I purchased the Plugin and installed it.

I have a huge problem. In Chatbox Settings, to Select a User For Chat Access, it pulls up all registered users. I have 21,942 registered users! So the backend crashes every time I attempt to assign a user because it attempts to display all 21,942 registered users on the page. This is a major flaw!

Please provide an alternative way to assign a User to the chat.

Thank you!


Do you provide support for your Plugin?

hey sure we do, I was working on your problem on only, I have your mail.. I will send you a plugin version where authors will be added in a different way. That will take care of the issue :)

Hi there, love the plug-in however, it seems to go a bit wrong on mobile devices. It expands fine and looks really neat but as soon as one hits the input fields the site jumps to the bottom of the page and the responsiveness becomes really messy with the chat box stuck to screen left. Am I doing something wrong? Again, for any one reading this and ambivalent about purchasing let me stress, for what it’s price at this is plug-in is great value for money…and then some.

Hi there,

It’s on the mobile version of



Any feedback regarding this matter? It still goes a bit squirrelly on mobile platforms…

replied your mail

Hello!! Is there an application for this Chat? So I can download it and open it from there? Thanks!!

hey are you referring to as desktop application ? Its is web application it lives on wp site only.

Hello, yes I was referring to a phone app because I want to handle it through my phone device. But there is nothing like that, right?

sorry mate nothing like that for now

Hi guys, I bought a second license but struggling for it to work on this particular domain : – please help.

Never mind – sorted it. I am however still having problems with the mobile version…


sraza74 Purchased

I utilize the space at the bottom most region of my website. This would get in the way. is there a setting to make the live chat button appear midpoint and to the side of the page (left or right) ?


sraza74 Purchased

Hi, purchased, please advise css changes so that I can get the button on the middle right side of my page—can it be floating button so it moves with scroll down? thanks,

hey can you show me your page so I can provide the css


sraza74 Purchased

I moved onto another chat application for now, once you have your updates in place for next version then I will be re-evaluating yours for usability on our live site.

Thanks, sraza74

Hello! I need i chat plugin that allows me to embed the chat window inside a wordpress page, using a iframe, so can create a page dedicated to the chat,

I just need to see how it would look like. Is it possible? How to? I cant buy it if i’m not sure it will work as i need

hey mate sorry that is not possible for now .. the chat code is added directly into the page.


sraza74 Purchased

Hi, few updates you really need to make for UX both for chat operators as well as site visitors 1) admin/operator chat space is quite limited need to utilize full screen if possible. 2) site visitor also needs to be able to expand the window width and height, some users will complain about space and if operator provides too much text back to visitor they will have to scroll unnecessarilly up and down in order to get the full info. - still testing, will get back to you soon with more suggestions I am sure :)


sraza74 Purchased

After only 30 minutes of testing this system, I would like a refund if you would be so kind unless you can make few changes overnight css related.


sraza74 Purchased

div.leap-chat-box-body font size should be at least 50px and top -55px to center it thats just from playing with it on webdev, I am you know css better, to make it same on mobile version. The button to close the chat X is so small if left as is, consistency is key for users…the button ^ to popup the chat window is large, but x to close is small ?


sraza74 Purchased

ok Im off the ranting now, hope to see update tomorrow


sraza74 Purchased

opting for uberchat for now as this plugin will not work for me until fixes are corrected and I retest—glad i have 6 months support, so I will be monitoring this plugin and reviewing/testing from time to time to get in touch

hey thanks for your input , I appreciate the indepth testing you have done.. I will take these into account for next version. Some of front end changes you mentioned they can be overrided the by theme also.


Is it a multilanguage plugin? I´m interested in having the texts in spanish.

Thank you!!!!!! :)

hey we do provide a po and pot file which you can use to translate :)

Hi, Have made contact through support on several occasions but still waiting on replies. Have issues including lag/delays and also after reading the thread, agree with another user that we need a way to assign users based on Admin only for example, as the current list shows all users including clients, which is too much to go through and clients should not be given author rights regardless? It appears your new version may address these things, but again, chasing an ETA on that as it suggests its loaded but not yet downloadable? Thanks

Hey guys… still waiting for an ETA on the new version to fix our issues? Could you please just advise… 1 day, 1 week… 1 month? I need to advise my clients when their Live Chat will be ready for use and simply not knowing is not helping at all?

hey sorry for the delay, I will load an update before 10th april or you can request refund I will approve it .. due to some situation I wasnt able to attend to updates recently I am hoping to get all sorted in coming weeks

Hi, Desperate for this update please. You mentioned the 10th which has now passed. Hoping you’re close? Thanks

Do you need wordpress to run this? Can you run it by itself?

Hi, the plugin looks nice. Do you plan an update? The last version is very old.


sraza74 Purchased

Albeit you have responded to user comments here, i see on the main page of this tool, that the last update was 19 July 16. Thats almost 9 months ago. Guess no updated releases were made and I should continue staying away from this product till suggested corrections are made from users input.

Hello, is there a way to set up the time that automatically the chat is on and off. will you make this possible? thanks

Hello, it’s been a year since your last update, have stopped developing this plugin?

This plugin has stopped working on newer versions of Wordpress. I’m getting uncaught typerrors.. seems like this plugin is no longer supported.