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Hello. Excellent plugin, only the name of the operator does not change. It just says “Operator” Please advise.

hey mate the operator takes the name from admin first name( under wp admin -> profile menu) , if it is empty operator will show


Where I can find the settings of this plugin in our wordpress dashboard?

Can you please give us a steps on how to setup this plugin ?

Thank you.

hey mate, I had replied you that day only at that moment the chat was working fine and is there any other mail I can get in touch.

No, the chat is not working please watch this screencast result in my end or please visit the site and use the login credential I gave before.

You can get in touch to my email

Thank you


You cannot see the issue because your account don’t have recent order. Please try to order and test the chat.

Thank you

Hi do you have a PHP version? Also do you have a backend version I can see before purchasing. Thanks

Hi – I’ve tried again, still very buggy.

The tabs in the backend don’t seem to work.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function IOA_isImage() in /home/asinc/public_html/play/wp-content/plugins/IOA_Playground/admin/classes/ui.php on line 326

it could be from updating I will check that.

Hello, I have just installed the plugin but there is a problem. There is a blank space at the bottom that makes the “Send” button huge that it covers the scrolling bar on the right and it covers the text, too. Before the purchase I checked the live preview on here and there was no blank space and the “Send” button was not covering anything. Here is a screenshot to better understand what I just said:

Can you help me to fix this?


hey can you please show me the live site, it seems theme’s styling is overriding something I need to see it live.

The plugin needs alot of improvements. I’ve requested a refund. Here are few things to clear out for people, since it wasn’t clear for me when i bought this:

1) In the offline mode, i thought that it will email me the visitors info: name, email and message. (like any contact form). However it only send an email saying new visitor .. the info submitted by visitors is not sent.

2) Even on the online mode … it does the same thing so basically you have to be online & logged into wordpress 24/7 inorder to chat with people (If you catch them)!!!

Infact, let’s be real no one will wait morethan few seconds for an operator to respond, and since we don’t capture visitors info.. how are we supposed to respond back??

3) Also, in the online mode … if some one request a chat, it will display a loading screen saying “please wait” without giving the visitors any clue that it’s trying to connect to a live operator!! or atleast switch automatically to offline mode.

Not to mention that its a little buggy, i tried to upload my logo many times with no success.

I’m sorry but i honestly think that it’s pretty useless at this time. It has some potential though, so i hope you’ll work on improvements. Take my comment as a positive criticism.

Regards, Andrew

Hi Andrew, thanks for your feedback, we will definitely improve it. For the backend since it runs on top of WordPress not a standalone system you will need to be logged in to chat though we are thinking of adding a front end admin system so users can directly access that system without having to be logged.

Pre Sales Question -

1 ) Is it possible for the user to also use this also as a claim / report this page ?

That would be a nice addition if not.


13 ) Hide chat doesn’t work.

14 ) Offline mode doesn’t work.

15 ) It would be nice if it didn’t notify me when I’m on my site… in the admin panel.

16 ) If user is logged in and operators info (photo & location) is set to visible… when the Visitor clicks on a link…

A ) The operators photo and location goes away.

B ) The previous chat messages disappear.

17 ) How does the mail function work? It shows as message sent… but It’s never received.

Hello, I have a problem with this plugin: when I go to start a chat, income data (name and email) I click on “Start Chat” and I get a sign “Please wait ..” and stay there, does not start the chat.
What can I do?
Thanks a lot!!

can you please show me the site link, I will check out the issue.

Nice plugin, good job. I want to ask you if is it any easier way to contact with the customers when you are not in your home with the pc. can you receive a message to your phone?? can you chat from your phone without login to WP?? It is any app for iphone?? Thanks

hi mate, currently it you are not available an email is sent to you. I am working on an update that captures leads as well , so I guess in near you can use those apps to get in touch via clients but for now you will need to be logged in.

Does it work with WP MU installations?

hi, yes it goes works fine with MU infact our demo is mu

Nice – I have several sub directories (a WP for each language). Would it be possible to let the plugin show up with different language for each site? Is it one license per domain?

hey plugin supports localization , you can use wpml to translate it for each domain

Does 1.2 correct the email bug? I do not receive any emails on Contact form submission.

Also, is there any way to select certain pages to NOT show the chat feature?

hey yes version 1.2 fixes the email bug , in settings make sure you have enabled it . It is possible to hide chat on certain pages, can you please post this on our forums , the staff will give you a solution.

Purchased! Seems to be excellent…

thanks :)

Hi, I have issue with the plugin not showing up properly on my website. I have submitted an enquiry from your Item Support last week, yet to hear from you guys.

Refund approved, your theme didnt wp_footer in the pages , that is must for theme for plugins to work.


banaki Purchased

Hi, I’ve just purchased the plugin and can’t seem to get it to work like it should. I keep getting messages in the backend that a new visitor has entered the site, when Google Analytics doesn’t show any new visitors. It also takes forever to connect to a person. And when the connection is established, then the admin keeps sending the welcome message over and over again.

Can you help me with this?


banaki Purchased

This is the website by the way ( but I’m going to deactivate the plugin for now because it’s quite annoying

hey can you contact through profile with wp admin details, I will check out the issue asap.

My question is based on your point

>>> Ability to detect a user on page and able to interact with it.

How can I test this functionality on your live Preview. Because Mainly I need this feature. As soon as visitor comes to my website, a chat session should start automatically if operator is available

hey chat start does not start automatically only you are notified and you can intiate a chat from our end. The chat in live preview is a bot for demo purposes so I wont be able to show you via live demo

Is it compatible with 4.7?

yes it is :)

Hello, I have some questions about that plugin!

First of all, how can I change the color and the text of the button “send” on the plugin footer?

And How can I change the Height of the entire plugin footer, because it is very high and I cannot see the messages?

Thank you! :)

My website is!! Thanks!

Solved with this css code on custom css: for the height of the plugin customer text area:

div.leap-chat-box-footer { position: inherit; }

and for the button color: div.leap-chat-box-footer a.leap-chat-box-footer—send { background: #696969; color: #fff; }

hey glad you figured it out , support was off last week .. if you need with anything else let me know :)

Hello, I am using loco translate and I want to translate your plugin. Any help about it? I have already sent you an email. The website is


hey I already replied you with a fix :) .. kindly check

Thank you very much!! It works great! :D

Is there a solution for using this as a the operator on a mobile phone to answer people on the site?

hey currently you will need to chat through wp admin only, we will check out the possibilities if something can be worked out.

Hi, is it possible to automatically assign a fix operator depend on which page/category the user is viewing?


My Client which has the purchase code asked me to contact support as we found issues in the live chat. let me know if you need the purchase code so I could send it on email instead thanks.

at first test, the live chat works fine. we tried to test by typing and sending single message only at once. it works fine, until we try to test by sending multiple message, for example I will type my first message then hit enter or click send button, user will not reply yet, I will then type my second message and click send.

sometimes, the user wont get the 1st message, only the 2nd message. that is the first issue.

another issue is, if both user, and live chat admin, type and send multiple message at once, both of us will get duplicated or repeated message, meaning the previous message will be sent again along with the new messages.

we have screenshots if that could help.