Chat WordPress Plugin - Leap

Chat WordPress Plugin - Leap

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Version 1.2 has been loaded will be out soon.

Exciting new features you have been waiting ;)

  • Ability to delete analytics / transcript
  • Better chat UI
  • Trigger leap chat through content , use shortcode [leap_trigger]your text[/leap_trigger] to create a clickable link
  • Chat now shows offline if no user is available
  • Chat now notifies all over the wp admin when a new user has arrived
  • Fixed translation issue, add .pot file also
  • Operator can now send attachments to the user ( image ,video , pdf , zip supported )
  • Ability to detect a user on page and able to interact with it.
  • All operators now receive notification through email whenever a new user is on the page
  • Better mobile support
  • Fixed firefox bug for notification.

Version 1.1 is live, after updating please be sure to clear your browser cache ;) . View Changelog

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