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Can u send a demo apk, also this will be interesting if we can have Admob or anything to monetize it

Ok , I will add Admob in the next updation

so does this actually include the chat code itself ? or is it just a template for something else ?

Chat App UI Template app have XML, drawable, Media files (Ringtone, Keypad Tones) and in source code you may found: custom Tab host, fragmentation Implementations and helping piece of code regarding xml only

i still dont understand – is it a usable chat app ? i mean, can you use it to chat to people as it is , or is that needed to be built on top of what u have here ?

meanwhile ..no its not chat app

This application send msg via SMS service provider or WIFI? Like Whatsapp?

it’s only a template it’s ready to integrate with your http server

hi can you develop a chat for me, on : Telegram platform which is (open source) ? for android phone.

yeah sure … send me your skype or contact ID on microcian.arm@hotmail.com

hi i emailed you on your hotmail, i need development for API on the open source telegram.org messaging platform. you have the capabilities? kind regards

it’s only a template it’s ready to integrate with your http server…..

What does i need to complete that? I have a server for chat and have a full running ios chat app…....? Does is support push notification?


Can you integrate your template with my social.network site to be full operational


VoIP integration performs a compression codec of the “stream” audio recordered ?

could you be a little more detailed. on this app? is there any other work i’d need to do. as in coding/programming? our is this a ready to publish app? whats needed just a data provider, and could u give me some suggestions on data providers and services for the app?

1 do i need to compile this my self? 2 is it a standalone ready to publish app? 3 whats whats the most affordable data provider, to better serve the app? 4 does the app have options for voip voice over ip? and does it have support for sms? and mms? 5 is there a registration option for other users? and is there a chat box? 6 does the app support advertising like ad mob ads integration?

i’m for sure going to buy the app i just want the info above quickly as possible

thx ;)

The Application is based on XML layout Template ..sound Effects , Fragmentation ListView with Row 1. Yes You need to compile even some functionality 2. Ready to publish in this sense you need to implement your API 3. I worked On Linux 4. No 5. No 6. Yes

Its just a UI Template and didn’t provide demo due to decompilation of apk

Can i have APK please just to see…



i want just Template : .psd

you can this ,,

Are the Sip and voip llibs included or do i have to add them myself? i mean how easy is it to connect to the voip server

no man ..its only UI … you have to implement by yourself !