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Very addictive game, its awesome :)

Hi there,

Can I publish this game in iOS and playstore after purchase?

Yes you can but you have to re-skin (change graphics) it first.

How do I re-skin it…...cn u re-skin it for me?

please add me on skype – mehta.himanshu14

The live preview isn’t working for me. I get a “404, page not found ” error.

its working might be server problem.please check now if still problem occurs let me know i will shift the live preview to other server

Is it easy to add ad code ? buying app first time. we can upload it to google play ?

Yes its easy to add line code in construct 2 lil knowledge can make it more easy….yeah you can export to android then upload to google play

Nice game, i have a few questions concerning the logic of it:

  • 1. Is it possible to modify the width of the canvas so i can add some details there, like flags and stuff??
  • 2. Can i also define the lenght of the race and the amount of items the user MUST catch to proceed?
  • 3. Can i add an IF to the game so if the user catches the X amount of items the game takes him to the next page and if the user DOESN’T catch the X amount of items, must play again??

Yeah these all changes can be done in eventsheet of C2

You can add me on skype for more info : mehta.himanshu14

hi there, i have question, if i want to add a dashboard for highest scorer with name ? is this possible ? if yes, what exactly i need to do ?

If you wish to add a leader board then you have to learn lil about construct 2 to customize the game.

I Do freelance work also i charge some amount upon on feature


Do you offer coding services? I am interested in some of the games but I need to perform a very slight modification



Yes i do

You can add me on skype also

Skype : mehta.himanshu14


Hi We are experiencing an issue with the background road sprites where the looping sometimes causes a break in the road and a noticeable gap between the 2 road background sprites. If possible we could exchange emails, where I will be able to attach images/video to aid explanation.

Kind regards, K

you can addme on skype

skype – mehta.himanshu14

hi guys i couldnot get the files as we have on other games to way to change the package name, or other thing. how that works plz and where to go to change that

Please refer help document for more help and you can add me on skype also skype – mehta.himanshu14

who can help to re skin thee game

is it not working on andriod studio ?

No its a construct 2 project. Mentioned the same in listing. For exporting in android you can reskin the game by opening project in construct 2 and export to cordova then compile through cocoon or intel xdk. please refer help document for more help and you can add me on skype also skype – mehta.himanshu14


mcbien Purchased

Hello, How to import the game in Android Studio. Please Help me out

Add me on skype i will help you there

Skype – mehta.himanshu14


mcbien Purchased

Hello, I already added u in skype but still no response….There is any other software that i can use to generate APK from the output file of construct 2….or If I give u my O/P file to generate APK for me….

i have added you on skype…