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Good luck with selling! :)

thank you… this is my first script here…. prey for me

Good Work, wish you best sales :)

thank you….

Hi, you have created a very useful item, good luck! Question:
Can admin gather information on all customers and send emails to a single or to all customers at once from the admin dashboard? Does your item has a CRM feature? I am not asking for a salesforce CRM but close to it. Please let me know. Thanks,

Hi, you said you will add the email to clients feature with the next update but I don’t see it. I wanted an email system similar to your new item called “Email Flow – Simple & Easy Email Marketing Tool” at “”. I’m saying similar to and not exactly!

This item needs an email system to clients (to one or all clients). Please let me know if you will add it soon that I can buy it. I see you sold only 2 of this item, I assure you will sell more of this item if you add an email feature to it like your “Email Flow – Simple & Easy Email Marketing Tool” item. Please let me know if you will add it or not. Thanks.

ok… i had added but codecanyon is not approved… wait for tomorrow

now approved….. you can…. buy it…

best of luck ! keep it up

thank man…

good work, all the best for your sales ! ;)

when trying to login with the admin username and password it says invalid credentials and also when login as the user or receptionist it says you can not login from this device!

Any chance you can take a look? Maybe someone has changed the passwords? It may be worth setting a cron job to wipe the database clean and fresh install the db schema every 2 hours.


now its login…. try to login Again

The demo admin credentials don’t work so I can’t demo the project

its working now…. try to login again

unable to see the demo page please provide database name

mean…. you want to… add email system…. if staff complete the task…. and he accepted if complete then… mail should fire to you… and also you want to add and upload documents mean scan copy docs and etc…..

i cant add emailing system… because… many people use this offline but i can add upload scan doccuments… If you purchase… i will give you update…. after purchase

Hi, I need to assign to each client his own file. He must see only the files I’ve assigned to him, is it possible?

ya possible but i have to do it…. personally for you

contact me on +918149587579 whatsapp number

ya possible but i have to do it…. personally for you

demo login not working invalid details