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Hell yes!

Glad to hear you like it :)

Can we see the backend, or at least some screenshots on how chart elements are created and customized?

Hi there, I’m working with line charts and have the following question: Is it possible to set the (shown) max value on the y-axis manually? I want the y-axis always to go up to 100 (because I’m working with %-values) even if the highest actual value is e.g. 60. I assume you can set a height (with a css-class), but I don’t want the chart being higher or lower, but rather a fix y-scale that is independent of the x-actual values.

I hope your can help me, Best regards

“I’m updating this live preview right now. So don’t forget to refresh if something looks weird.” Are you still updating?

I’m also interested in how the backend is, especially the data input and styling of the charts.

Can this be used for posts and not just pages please?


It’s a plugin for Visual Composer Page Builder so it won’t work for posts. But if you really need this feature I can add this feature in next release?

Hi, does it accept show decimal values or only whole numbers? It’s important for me.

Hi Live preview isn’t working

Hey Buddy! Your Live Preview Server is not working :)

Putting in a Percentage in the Value results in it no showing IE javascript – Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token, would wrapping the value in “20%” fix this issue ?

Also need more data sets plugin is limited

Hi, Does this plugin enable the creation of single value donut-style percentage counters with the value displayed in the centre of the ring? Thanks.

Chrome flagged the demo site for containing malware.