Discussion on Charger Hero App | EV Charging Station Map - SwiftUI Full iOS Application

Discussion on Charger Hero App | EV Charging Station Map - SwiftUI Full iOS Application

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hello, can you update the code so it doesn’t give off any purple warning errors in iOS 16? When I make updates from a background thread it gives off purple warning icons like this ⚠️ just in purple. Thanks!

First off, why would any product not support the newest version and still be sold? Secondly, regardless of the operating system version, this code is extremely faulty, and very poorly written almost as if a bot automatically generated it, their is no API for the charging stations…, not a single thing advertised is true about this product. And you only responded after I requested a refund. You answered fake users comments almost immediately after they were posted. This is all a scam and if I am not refunded within 24 hours, a civil complaint in the form of a Small Claims case will be file with the state a California and its equivalent in Australia, with Envato being named as a co-defendant. You have been notified accordingly.

All details about the product are written in the description section. We cannot support new versions immediately. We have no support except the supported version.

You are making my point, iOS 14+(!) SUPPORTED. The “plus” sign infers that any version from iOS 14 and up is supported. Secondly the information in the API are 5 charging stations that don’t exist. You mutatable stuff on the map, you’re not supposed to mutate map markers. And your map annotation code keeps bringing error after error. No one on Upwork wanted to touch your code for 2 months and the developer that finally did clearly stated this is just trash and a scam. He is writing everything from scratch because its just easier than dealing with your mess that you call code.

I have already filed a dispute with my bank and I’m filing the appropriate legal paperwork for a small claims tribunal, and those will be sent to 121 King St Melbourne, VIC 3000 Australia. Again if I am not refunded within 24 hours, I will seek legal recourse for recovery plus damages including, but not limited to, any open invoices or payments for materials or services that are made in pursuit of this recovery, including travel.

is android app available for this?

It is developing

How it will work in other countries … we have to add all the charging stations to firebase DB manually ?

Are all charges already marked on the map in the application? Or gently manually add them all?

Hi, when the Android version will come?

Looks great! It just need to get your location and show the nearest point and include how far away is each one in the map list. Also a web version would be useful.

thank you for feedback :)

any plans to make in Android??

how to add more locations of ev charge points?

Firebase database

What should I do if I get the following errors? Missing package product ‘GULEnvironment’, Missing package product ‘GULLogger’, Missing package product ‘GULUserDefaults’ Missing package product ‘GULAppDelegateSwizzler’ Missing package product ‘GULReachability

This error is xcode error. Not app bug or error.

In your case on Xcode, this issue will fix after applying File -> Packages -> Reset Package Caches

And project updated now. You can check it. Extra I added CocoaPods version.

Swift package version

CocoaPods version

how to field data? is it find automatically?

Charging stations are stored in the Firebase database


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