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Well done, best of luck! :)

Thank you :-)

Click Screenshots button in product page.

i meant, does it broadcast images to the channel too ?

Currently no, images support will be added soon.

Hi . I bought this plugin . it’s very useful and excellent .. thank you alot . very good.

Thanks :-) Hope you like it.

hi ..

I use IFTTT website and its work very well..(All methods) You should work hard. the telegram program grows up fast. good luck :)

Thanks :-)

Hi .. is it possible to turn on broadcasting default? That the checkbox is always turned on when making a new post?

When is the big release coming? :-)

I’m sorry that it’s taking so long, but it will be released.

No estimated date yet?

TNX – fa_IR

Glad you liked it ;-)

is there away to promot the chaneels rather than a post ??

Dear Ehsan Can we use this plugin to send new product added to woocommerce to our telegram channel?

It will be added in version 2.0

Thank you for your reply.

Please teach how can use it

can it sent to telegram group chat ?

Very cool! Good luck!;)

Good one bro

Very cool! Good luck!

Very good work!

I am using jetpack email to post service to publish posts on my website, so whenever i publish post by sending email to my website post gets published but notification message on channel is not posted by using Telegram for wp plugin, msg will be posted in telegram channel only if i publish post manually from wordpress dashboard so is your plugin works for what i need ?

Hello. Does it still works?

It can be used to broadcast any text we want? Not only blog post? such as notice?

Friend I need to write messages and send all my contacts from my channels on the telegram at once, is that what it does ???