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Hi CodingJack,

Is the player swf file able to work as a standalone player? I’m looking to embed video files for sharing – http://stackoverflow.com/questions/18903547/how-to-share-a-video-from-my-website-on-facebook-like-youtube

A flash player with direct video source would work.


Hi yisheng,

Chameleon isn’t a good option for a Flash-only player. Check out ActiveDen.net for Flash-only players.


Thanks! I’ll check it out there.

Hello friend,

first off I want to let people know overall this is a great plugin that increases the value of a website.

Although I am having an issue I hope can be solved – The videos seem to be taking way too long to initially load. Videos that are only 5-10MBs for example seem to be taking several mins. I am wondering if this is a common issue and what to do to fix it. thank you

Hi NowMoe,

Usually this is an issue when the Flash version is used and the video is missing important meta-data such as a “total time” value. In these cases, the Flash will load the entire video before playing it. The easiest way to get around it is to set the “data-firefox-uses-flash” to “false”. But the issue will still be present in IE8 (where Flash is required), so the best solution is to re-encode the video. Here’s some information about that:


If for some reason you’re still having trouble, send me an email from the form on my profile page along with a link to your site where you’re using Chameleon and I’ll try and help you further.


Hi Jack,

I got your plugin and its great experience implementing this to my site. There is one issue for which I need your urgent help. The issue is, while buffering the video, when I click on unloaded part of the progress bar, I want the video to start buffering from that point now, but it don't do that, rather it keeps buffering from the end where it was going by default.

Kindly help me out as soon as possible, I do not have much time to solve this issue.

Best, Ahmed Murtaza

Hi Ahmed,

The video player only allows for “scrubbing” what’s already loaded. It doesn’t allow for skipping ahead to a point that hasn’t loaded yet.


Hello. I bought your player, I like him. But how to make that data-video = ”../../ zone / video / ru.mp4” I could place a link on the page to play another video?

Hi Palmary,

I’m not sure I understand your question. But send me an email from my profile page and we can discuss in more detail and I’ll do my best to help.


I have one box for the player. The following player links to other videos. How to make so that clicking on the link – download new video player window. I want to do something like this gallery. Thank U

Hi Palmary,

Please review my response above.


I was looking for an age! and got let down several time’s with vid players direct from website, I purchased this today converted me files and had a perfect vid with easy to understand files, No blote Pure perfection, Thank you 5 star hit :)

Glad the plugin worked out well for you Kittie75 :)

Hi Jack, Is it possible to create multi-video in one object for run in iOS?

Hi Ekalostz,

This option isn’t currently supported.


i need to click X’th time before waitin to load till this time. is it possible?


Hello, I’ve sent you mail. I need update of script to activate loop function, it is important for me. I don’t know if you’ve got my e-mail. I heard of some issues of sending mail here. Thanks. Milan info@lipowski.pro

Hi Milan,

I’ve just responded to your email.


Hello, great asset. How can I set the video to center on page (responsive version)? I tried <center> but it got ignored. Thank you

Hi cu3edesign,

In “dark_responsive.html” or “light_responsive.html”, in the CSS at the top of the page, change this:

div {

    width: 50%;
    min-width: 320px;


to this:

div {

    width: 50%;
    min-width: 320px;
    margin: 0 auto;



Hi, is it possible to hide the controls and only show a play/pause button in the middle of the video player on mouse over?

Similar to youtube’s controls=0 attribute ? https://developers.google.com/youtube/player_parameters#controls

Hi Brainhost,

Yes inside the following file:


add the following:

.cj-vid-controls {display: none}


Hi coding Jack ,

In the end of my html video 5, can i redirect to my website link ? When the video ends, i wanna my website to apear , it´s possible ?



I have a video and audio sharing website, I have a couple of questions before buying it:

- I want to see if your media player will play all video and audio uploads that my users upload.

- which file extension or type of files can the player play.


Hi buddy

How can i full path data-fallback-dark, data-fallback-light and src?

I need the code on one domain whilst the files are located on a different domain/server

Hope this makes sense?

Many thanks ;)

can we add logo

Hi, does it work with mkv videos? Or can you make it work with MKV videos? I’ve already attempted to try it, and it doesn’t seem to work with an mkv video. The player window just stays black with a swirl going around and around forever. https://video.wholisticapproaches.net/source_files/dark.html