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Is there anyway I can disable autoload?

The video starts automatically loading before I even click on play.


Hi Elaminey,

Send me an email from my profile page and I’ll send you an updated version of the plugin for this.


Hey Jack,

I couldn’t manage to find your e-mail.

Here is mine : support@kaliweb.net

Thanks :)

Hi there, Before purchasing I’m wondering if the poster will show at the beginning and the end if desired?


I guess it’s looking like a day or two for responses to questions here… So I’m gonna go ahead and give it a try. Hopefully it will do what I need :-/

Hi Canada,

Sorry I’ve been on vacation. I’ve just updated my “vacation notice” in my CodeCanyon account settings.

If a poster is used, it will show up at the beginning and end of a video.


I use Easy Fancybox and want to show the video as inline content. It works perfect with the wp build in video player but not with your shortcode. If I use it, the video is only about 300px in width despite of what original size I set in the shortcode generator.

Is there anything I can do about it?

Also, video does not load in FF, endless spinner. No matter if I use it with or without fancybox. Any idea?

UPDATE I got it working in FF now but it is still not responsive in combination with fancybox ;-((

Hi Mark,

The player is not advertised to be compatible with FancyBox. Personally I’ve never tried to use it with this particular lightbox, but have used it succesfully with a few other lightboxes. So I’m not quite sure what the incompatibility is, but feel free to send me an email from my profile page, and I’ll be happy to offer some advice if I can.


I just check firefox not works but works on safari, chrome. i use format video MP4… why cannot play on FF ?

Hi idesign,

Firefox itself + Mac doesn’t support the mp4 file-type for HTML5 video. Chameleon has two built-in options for this. The first is to use the “Firefox uses Flash” option, which will play the video in Flash, which supports mp4. And the second is to create an alternative “webm” or “ogv” video, which will be used when mp4 isn’t supported. Review the plugins documentation for more details.


Is there a way to hide the controls and show them only when you hover over the video player?

Hi Literayz,

Not initially. Only when the video has begun playing.


hello. i like you pligon, i have question, can i embed link like this http://mappure.com/wp-content/uploads/Media/Eilat Coral Reserve/1.html?iframe=true

and when i click play button to play the virtual tour! and also can i share the virtual tour ? deep linking !

Hi Eliaskhsh,

A link like that can not be embedded. Instead, you’ll need to link to the video file (.mp4) directly.


Nice player but pre-sale questions are -
  • Will this plugin work with Truemag’s Video magazine theme?
  • have you new update of the player ?
  • this plugin works by connecting internet or it may work offline if required ?

Hi varindersingh,

1) I don’t test the plugin in themes, but the plugin is built using WordPress best practices, so it will work with any theme that also follows WordPress best practices.

2, 3) No.


I have an issue with the player not working properly on my mobile. I know that on mobiles player is changing to the default player, but to be honest it should work because my player is working elsewhere. Can you take a look? I can’t use this the way it works now. http://tinyurl.com/pfbqulu


Hi Krzycir,

I checked your site on an iPad and the video is playing correctly for me. But feel free to send me an email from my profile page and I can try and help you further with this.


Can we set custom images to replace the YouTube auto-generated screenshots in this player? Thanks!


Just a quick question please. is it possible to add a customize photo in front of the video please? And when they click the photo with a play icon. The video will start to play as usual. Is that possible?


Great video player :)

Is it possible to use a transparent skin too? This is to show the preview picture completely, of course. So, the player’s bar would be transparent whereas the buttons and controls are visible only.

Thank you!