Chalkboard Pro - HTML5 Painting App

Chalkboard Pro - HTML5 Painting App

All demos are a try before you buy option now. Just contact me through Envato or directly at to request demo plugin files.

jQuery/HTML5/Canvas Browser Painting App

“The most complex feature packed HTML5 Painting app just got better! – Go PRO now”.

  • Pattern Brush

    – Paint with patterns – Pre-set with over 70 patterns or use your own custom pattern brushes.
  • Watermark

    – Set an overlayed semi transparent watermark when the user saves the created image.
  • Glow Effect

    – Add a glow effect to your brushes.
  • Color Value Sliders

    – Adjust Red, Green, Blue values to get the perfect color level.
  • Square Brush Tool

    – Create Perfect Squares
  • Gradient Roll Brush

    – Create Cloud like effects with a slight gradient.
  • Colorpicker Push Brush

    – Push the colors on the chalkboard.
  • Invert Effect

    – Invert the colors of the chalkboard image.
  • Greyscale Effect

    – Covert the chalkboard image to black and white.
  • Line Tool Brush

    – Create straight lines.
  • Fill Canvas Tool

    – Quickly fill the chalkboard with one color.
  • Text Type Tool

    – Insert text. Choose from 80 different fonts. Fill or Stroke Font. Set size, color, opacity.
  • Brush and Opacity sliders + quick brush select options

  • Color Spectral Colorpicker

    – Click the colorpicker to choose a color.
  • Background tray with image upload

    – fill canvas with pre-set image or upload your own.
  • Undo Brush Stroke

    – undo up to 20 previous brush strokes
  • App resize with dynamic canvas resizing(optional)

  • Brush/Color info

    – Get current color,opacity and brush size info.
  • Brush Tools Dialog/Modal tooltips

    – On the fly info as tooltips.
  • Lightbox render image with image save to png file.

    – Render in style, preview and save.
  • Limited Mobile Browser Support

    – Safari(apple ipad – no line tool support), not mobile responsive.
  • Cross Browser support

    -Safari, Firefox, IE9+, Chrome.

Image background upload tool does not work with Safari

Need the Wordpress version? Your in luck! Get it here