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Very cool – great work

Fantastic effort!! Wishes!!

Thank You! :)

I’m interested, but can you tell me the differences between the regular version and the pro version?

Also, would it be possible to have the board come up and take up more of the screen? I’m running in 1920×1200, so the chalkboard comes up as this box in the middle, with huge white boarders around it. I’d love it, if it could fill the screen, and give more drawing area by default. Can you fix this, or is it a setting that can be adjusted? (Though, I don’t want someone in a smaller resolution to have scrollbars.)

Are there any updates planned shortly?

The pro version has many more features such as patterns/watermarks/glow effect You can set the app to any size you wish and the drawing area will be larger. The app is not responsive – i.e width:100% height:100% but it has a resize handle on the bottom right corner to allow the user to resize at any time to fit the screen. Thanks, -Nolan

Hi, It works in ANDORID BROWSER?

No sorry it does not work correctly in the Android browser

Hi i wanted to know if any of both chalkborth is supported on mobile browser and if so wich browsers?

And can i use it in differente places in the same website(domain)?

No mobile browser support at this time for any version of Chalkboard. Yes you can have multiple instances of the plugin on the same domain. Thanks, -Nolan


YW! -Nolan

5 stars

Thankx a lot! -Nolan

I’ve noticed that this script in Chrome and Safari the cursor when painting (hold the mouse button down) the cursor changes from the brush to a text tool.

Can you me on fixing this?

I don’t mind that the cursor in IE10 and Opera is a pointer, but if it could be changed there as well to be the brush cursor, that would be great.

In FireFox the cursor is fine. Both hovering and painting.

(All browser versions are their latest as of this posting.)

This is a browser problem – there is nothing I can do to fix the way each browsers handle cursor images on mousedown events. Sorry, -Nolan

Can you give me document for me read how to use it before I buy it. You can sent email to me (au.andpoint@gmail.com).


2 reasons not to buy this for me:

reason 1 : the undo button should be on every page (also a redo button) reason 2 : when u actually draw u should be able to see WHERE u gonna draw now i got to click pattern than its not on place go to other page click undo go back to page

further than that i like it u update those 2 things i will buy it

Thanks for the comments.

This is pretty impressive stuff. Great work. It has challenged me to imagine ways to incorporate it into my projects.

Hi, I need a custom HTML5 canvas. Please contact me for more details. goden.earth@m2k.com.tw

Is there a way to save the image directly to the image library rather than using the default right-click option? If not, would this be something that you would add in an upcoming version?

So sorry there is not. I would be open to adding it in the future if there becomes an easier method. Thanks, -Nolan

Hi, cannot upload images, although I have Edit line 9 to the uploads folder destination and chmod 0755 but nothing uploaded to the folder.

Please email me at nuvuscripts@gmail.com and I will try to help. -Nolan

Very cool.

But, the clean layout of Chalkboard Pro is nicer.

The pro version only has the dark layout?


Yes the pro version has a dark theme only. You can change the css to meet your styling needs though. -Nolan

Hello , is there any eraser available ? if we paint wrongly , there is no turning back , what i found is only “clear ” all , this is very inconvenience . please help . thanks

There is an “undo” tool. Either click the “undo” icon left of the “disk” icon at the bottom or under Edit->Undo on the top menu. -Nolan

Hello, is it possible to erase rather than just undo. Can you add eraser ??

Sorry there is no eraser tool.