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Nice work, when I saw this app I was wondering if you got the opacity thing in the brush working. I am making almost the same thing, but the brush overwrites itself when it moves when there is opacity, and you cant really see the opacity happening. Do you have any suggestions? I think you are having the same problem, (correct me if I am wrong).

That’s exactly right – the overlapping canvas draw makes it hard to see the lower opacity when drawing with the brush tool. It is good for the Square tool though. Good Luck -Nolan

Is there a way to automatically save and send the image to an email or to a website? I want to use this for a class where people can use their tablets or computer to draw something and email it to me.


This is not an option in the app but I might be able to do some custom work to achieve this. Send me an email at nuvuscripts@gmail.com and we can talk about it. Thanks, -Nolan


The script looks great. However, I don’t see it’s responsive. Is it? Can I see a demo version where responsive/resizing is activated? I’m really interested in it.

Thanks and regards.

It is not auto responsive – The resize handle is in the bottom right corner. The user must manually resize the canvas . This prevents accidental canvas resizing. When resized the canvas changes pixelation somewhat. Hope this helps, -Nolan

Can I use the APP in a tablet like IPAD openning it in the browser, and paint with my finger so? THANKS! Contratutations for the work!

Sorry it does not work the same in tablet browsers. -Nolan

How can I move the elements in the software after I set them? And how I can create one new and clean canvas

You cannot move elements – they are all painted on the canvas. To create a clean canvas you use the Fill tool.

is it possible to save the current state in database ?

No sorry.

I was wondering If We can import backgrounds and if so what formats can we use to import? I.e pdf, jpg, png

Yes – gif, jpg, png no pdf

Nice plugin. Can i remove some features through code ? Features like i want to remove Color dropper brush,Toggle Greyscale/colour and change default background images provided by you.

You can hide certain buttons using CSS and yes you can use your own default background images.

Can this script be run without PHP?

The upload feature to import an image requires php – all other features should work without php. -Nolan

Hi, we are evaluating your various ChalkBoard Painter/Pro apps. Can we find out what resolution will the images be saved in? Can we save the drawings in print resolution so they look great printed?

The image is saved at the screen dimensions it is created as. If your apps chalkboard space is set at 739×479 pixels then this is the printing area. There is no print resolution available in this app as it is a simple canvas browser app. Thanks, -Nolan

I can’t see your demo Link. Your demo link is not working now.

I just checked it and it is working – http://www.nrcstudios.info/chalkboard/ Please try again. Thanks, -Nolan

Question, is it possible to make chalkboard responsive?

The chalkboard has a resizing tab at the bottom right that allows the app to be resized.

Okay thanks, I noticed the resize options but on mobile? Another thing i noticed when click save image it’ll great to have option to share it to facebook & twitter?

I am limited to jquery-ui resizing options. Facebook & Twitter sharing while a good idea, is not an option due to the fact that the image created is not saved anywhere on a server, it is simply created and there would be nothing to link it to.

Can you make logotype builder like this goo.gl/ArQrKm? It will be very popularity script and I will purchase license for it.

Saved images keeping in a folder in server ? any option for that

No, sorry. -Nolan