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I cant setup default image? Someone can help me?

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These are not working,

Hi There,

I would like to get the shortcode.

I see that there are no ‘help files’ in the WP settings, neither any mention of the actual shortcode needed to get this plugin to work. There are only links to another version of chalkboard and no mention of documentation on the website.

Kind regards, Isidore

They are under admin-settings-chalboard painter docs where all plugin settings/docs should be.


as I put that shotcut, or what

I do not understand your question or comment. If you need help you can send me an email to Thanks, -Nolan

It does work on most mobile devices but not as well as a desktop non touch environment. Please test (using provided demo page) on these touch environments to approve of the results prior to your purchase. Thank you, -Nolan

Hi for the pro version, I input the text,how can select the text to resize the text? I don’t see no feature for that?

Please advise, thanks

Once text i inserted you cannot select it and resize or edit it. This html app does not have layers etc. It is a simple html5 drawing app not Photoshop. Sorry, -Nolan

Hi NuvuScripts,

Understand is not a full Photoshop. In all aspects this is definitely a COOL plug :) very nice design and all that.. Just is missing the font size, it just SO small when it load..:( a mean people would like to see something like their name, etc. no offend. :)

You the expert, but don’t mind I’m asking, can you do the font size feature like you did to the fonts on the sidebar that able to select first ?

This is the only thing that stops me from buying it for now. I would even buy the PRO in a heart beat…. Please advise,

I am sorry but I do not know what you mean, the Brush Size Slider (right side bottom slider next to the color picker)changes the Font size while working with the text tool.


Can you make logotype builder like this It will be very popularity script and I will purchase license for it.

Thanks for the suggestion, I will look into the possibilities of this. -Nolan

1/Do you plan to make you answer to an Asian main language such as Japanese, Chinese and Korean?

2/Does this plug-in function well by a multisite?

3/Does this plug-in function well in PHP7.1?

1. No, sorry. 2. It should have no issues on a multisite setup. You will need an extended license for this. 3. All the php is Wordpress functions and hooks so as long as Wordpress works it will. Thanks, -Nolan

Is it possible to use an attached image from a WordPress page as a background without re-uploading it to Chalkboard?

This is for an art critique website. Users submit images for others to comment on and make suggestions, including visual examples (draw overs). Ideally I’d like to be able to post the edited image as a comment. I understand that save functionality probably isn’t available out of the box. Thanks.

If you have the url to the image then yes.

Hi, I bought this plugin but I have a problem using it on a phone. Responsiveness and painting with brush all is not working as expected or as is on the desktop non touch. What’s the correct width and height needed for complete features to be visible and work well? I also need each logged in user to edit the same image from their account without affecting another person’s image as well. Advice.

Using Mozilla on smartphone is a mess. Can’t paint well on an image

This app is meant for desktop browsers.