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For using short codes in html message field?

You can now use simple HTML tags. For the next future we’ll think about it. Thanks!

Hi, the plugin is not allowing me to save the changes. I try and change the facebook URL I click save and it keeps defaulting back to your URL.

Any idea what is causing the issue?

We’ve update our plugin you can download it when it’ll available.

Just want to say we bought this and loaded/customized in minutes! Love it! Here is our sample of it in action: http://www.colorvaleactions.com

Many thanks for using our plugin!

So there is something with the plugin that doesn’t allow me to upload files to the wordpress woocommerce when I have this plugin activated. Also even though I had it disabled for mobile my users on phones could see it.

Please contact with us from contact form. We’ll help you.

Hi, the plugin is not allowing me to save the changes. My website is: http://www.madatoforos.com

It’s been fixed for you. PS: We’ve alsready update it for others too.

Thank you very much for your great support!!!

You’re always welcome! Thank you for using our plugin!


Is it possible to make it disappear or set it with different settings if the visitor already like my facebook page before?

Dear erkuto, we will do it for the next updates. Many thanks.

Welcome! How can I inform about it? I’ll buy this when you complete this update. That’s why I am asking this

Please follow us for the update.

Hi Guys, this is not saving my cookies. I’m closing the pop up but it’s popping up on every page.

I have it set to cookies “enabled” and Cookie Day “10” Any help would be great because it’s it’s popping up on every page i’‘ll LOOSE fans instead of gaining them.

Thank you

Please use the latest version of plugin.

It works really well just wanted a feature so that when users click on the close button they can be redirected to ads or affiliate ads in new window.. in Tech Legends is it possible?>

Thats extra options. We’re working on the four next update. I hope you will find useful options.

It would be nice if this great plugin have an option “to not show to visitors that alredy liked Facebook fanpage”...

We’re now working on this options.

Just want to take a few moments to confirm this plug-in installed flawlessly and worked, like advertised.

Thanks for continuing to improve on this great plug-in.

We’re glad that you’re using our plugin and you’re happy. Nice to read your opinion. We’ll improve it. Many thanks again!

It would be nice if this great plugin have an option “to not show to visitors that alredy liked Facebook fanpage”...

Any updates on this..? I brought the other one by Tyler Quinn who is not supporting his plugins anymore.

Also every time you click on the home page his popup shows even if you have ‘liked’ or shared before.

I am not going to purchase this unless you give me assurance that one a user clicks the ‘like’ every time they re-visit the site the popup will remember and not appear again.

Dear member, you can use cookies settings for now only. For the future we’ll do it. I mean we’ll upgrade it.

Hello, i have a problem with this plugin. The Popup have as background the facebook Header Image? See at www.hundestrand.eu

Please upgrade it to latest version and also redesign it on the admin area. If still you can’t do it then we’re ready to help you.

Same problem with a new installation and new theme

Your support has been expired. However we’re ready to help you. Please contact with us via Skype and give us your site credentials. We’ll setup truly our plugin. Then the problem will solved.

skype: teknodizayn

hello i cant seem to upload an image to the popup, after uploading it does not popup properly, pls can you help me check this,


username: emmanuel2 password: Cp2011csc

pls also reply to this mail: emmanuel.ohwojeheri@gmail.com

Is it possible to set the trigger for when people scroll down to a certain point of the article? and can the animation be changed from swiping in?

How can i track how many likes are coming from this plugin?

Hello, I would like to buy your plugin but I have question. The like language is limited. I need hungarian language. Is it not possible to translate it somehow? Thanks


My friend i installed you plugin in my wordpress and no works :(, something happend, please suggestion



Plugin no works, please let me know if really work becuase i don’t want lost time :(


ok i will buy Ninja Popups and in afe minutes i will put the payment in dispute since paypal and dispute here envato, because am very upset that never worked your plugin and actually your last update was 01.02.2016, after that wordpress are in 4.8 :(

thanks anyway