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This plugin is not working anymore? i cant intall it

We’ve just updated it to version 2.2 . It’s on review now. Please wait for a 1-3 days for updating.

I was using Facebook Traffic Pop, but it has now some problems, just because my site script using newer JQuery version (1.11.1) as the popup script does (1.4.4). Switching on the popup function, I cannot log in any more, and I have some rendering problems as well: sticky banners cannot work, etc. How about your script?

Well, never mind about my question. The time till I waited here for your answer was far enough to develop my own solution.

Dear customer, Many thanks for interesting our script. We want to tell you that our WP Script has been updated to new version which 1.11.1 also support it. However we’ve still not update our php script. But it’s also supports the latest version of the jquery. If it’ll not, we’re ready to fix ASAP.

Nevermind, forgot to delete the cookies :)

What was problem with cookies? How can we help you?

I just had to delete cookies in the browser, all good now.

We’re happy to hear it from you. We’re always ready to help you. Please don’t forget to give us rating.

The plugin is not working properly, The whole code is displaying on the home page….check here….redmyna.com

This has not helped us, to install properly….your installation process is more of headache….

The tutorial you have sent has not helped us to install properly….give better way of installing, otherwise this purchase is not going to be helpful for us.

Dear buyer please use 1 request for your 1 problem. We’re again trying to help you. Please read our Read Me file (which already on your downloaded file) README for integration

still waiting for support reply

Ok, thank you. ASAP we’ll touch you.

It is time I ask for refund….I bought your product and It is not properly running in my system….Multiple times I have contacted and support not able to fix my issue…Please refund my money….

Dear customer, It’s a script and it’s working on every php product. Many times I’ve tried to explain you please add it to your Magento CMS how it can be access. So you should work with your theme template. That’s your choose. Hovewer I’ve tried to help you via Skype but you didn’t respond my requests. Additionally I can tell you that please read some materials and learn your CMS and you’ll see our script will work. Because of that’s very simple. If then you’ll not satisfied too then you can contact with Envato for refunding. You can also contact with us via email form in our profile. I hope I can help you. Best regards.

Hey Mate,

I am trying to use this for middle html, but just can’t get it to work. It crashes the whole plugin

middle_html:"<img src="uberad.jpg" height="410" width="290" />"

Any idea why? The file is there. I am trying to use your predefined height/width

it works with plain text but not with <img /> tags

Thanks in advance

Dear customer, Please use ( ’ ) instead ” . Best regards.

Is the plugin still working?

hi! i cant not intalled on my wordpress

Is there a way to delay the display of the slide-in?

Is there a way to stop the slide-in from appearing if the user has already liked the page?


netit Purchased

Hi, i can’t get script to work on my site with https. It does work when not using ssl.

And i can’t get the script to work in the Edge browser. Only works in firefox and chrome for me.


netit Purchased

hi no response?

Cevherlink does not work in my page https://vikici.net.

Please help!

Browser ceverlink registers as an insecure site