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Can this be somehow integrated into WordPress? Thanks in advance.

Hello rubencio!

I’m pretty sure it is possible with some adaptions to the code, I haven’t dealt with WordPress that much for now, but if you give me a little time, I can possibly test and see how and if it works.

Greetings ProphetHG

Take your time… I’ll be interested in this development as a WordPress plugin for sure!

I second the Wordpress plugin development!

I 3rd the WordPress plugin development!

They have some out there but you can’t choose what to put…

FAIL i have been test swear that show it tut tut

Installed and working without trouble. Good script that does exactly what it is meant to do, thank you.

Guys, is this working site wide not just only the content are of site, does it do TITLES, Browser TITLES, the whole website is filtered yes ?

And maybe some installation instructions yer ?