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Hi, is possible to save the cards as PDF, PNG, JPG, etc?


I’m sorry but this functionality is not available yet even though it is a good one. We’ll keep it in mind.

Hi! I have problem, itì s impossible share new Card on facebook…

Can you give me short code for insert to markup for facebook? Need for share news card.

This is example:

<meta property=”og:url” content=”xxx -code-xxx” /> – link to new card <meta property=”og:type” content=”xxx -code-xxx” /> – text :best cards <meta property=”og:title”content=”xxx -code-xxx” /> – Titele from Cards <meta property=”og:description” content=”xxx -code-xxx” /> – text from back side <meta property=”og:image” content=”xxx -code-xxx” /> – link to new image

“xxx code-xxx “ shortcode or code to insert

Thank you!


Sorry, another question: User can share on facebook new card? Or i’ts possible publish only old template? I try create new cards but itìs imposiible share this card on facebook… why? When click shar button i see always the same cards and not new cards. Nick

Hi, we are working on a solution for this. User should be able to share on facebook but it seems there is something not working correctly. We’ll let you know when fixed.

Hi, any news about update? Is still impossible to share on Facebook. Thanks

Still working on it.

Hi, im on to buy this plugin and have some questions about it. Reading Comments and im a bit worried beacuse all those questions about sharing problems. Did you solved it and plugin works as it should?

We are still working on it.

Hi and sorry for the late reply.

The large display is because we use the url query to pass parameters so we can ensure any card can be reproduced correctly. We might change it to be integrate to bit.ly or any other service in the future.

In order to add a message this would depend on each provider for sharing, so it would be needed to be develop for each provider. Maybe eventually we will do it.

The share links are too long. Have you figured out a way to use a url shortener yet or just have shorter share links? This issue is why I am holding off on buying the script. Thanks.


I’m sorry but we still haven’t worked on it. I’ll try to tell you something when we do it.

Can you please send me a download link to get the original photoshop/illustrator templates?

I can’t change images or upload image to make a custom template. How do we fix that?

So how about a refund then?

I hope you guys die in a fire

I’m not kidding. Would you please die in a fire?

is this plugin still supported/updated

It is supported. About updated, we haven’t done any in the recent time but we might do it at some point.

I use Wordpress 4.9.1 and I can not create new templates. How can I fix the problem?

Could you explain this a little bit more so I can understand it and try to help you?

If I click on the Add a new Template button, Celebration Cards Template 50 will always come up, if I edit them, then I just overwrite the template, but I can not create a new one. Here is a video of the error https://goo.gl/4H48yo

Nobody is helped here. that’s how you can scare off your customers. Absolutely no support for this plugin. Will never buy something here again!

This is exactly what I was looking for, but when I customize things, upload my own picture and then click share, here is what I see https://s2.postimg.org/426673i95/text.jpg instead I would like to share my personalized text with the name of the person mentioned on the card and of course I would like to see while sharing my recently uploaded image, instead of that Christmas tree. This will just promote your website and the receiver will never know that I created the card for her.