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Is it possible transition using cube 3d effect in banner with thumbnails? Sorry for my bad english.

Hi may I ask I have 1080p images will this show all my images without croping it?

How easy is to update the plugin?

As my images are full hd how will your slide show react to this?

All my other slide show don’t show the full images may I ask how would your slide show cope with this??

One problem is my images are a bit big and seems to have issue so i have to ask what’s the best size for the 3d effect like your demo one. As you disused through email.

Replied to your email. Please don’t post messages both here and through email. Lets maintain a single thread of conversation.

ok thanks I must say support is really good thansk


is there the possibility to insert caption on thumbnails?

Thank you!

No, captions are not supported over thumbnails. You can have captions only over the slide images.

Hello! I have a presentation with many slides (more than 40), with links configured and caption. In another page of my site, I need to show the same slide, with the same links, but with different transition. In short … How do I duplicate a slide show? Thank you!

Sds Schuma

Thanks for purchasing!

There is no option to duplicate a slideshow. You need to create a new slideshow instance and enter its settings and upload files.

I was looking for just a smooth spinning effect to add to my logo. And it does spin, but it’s missing the ‘linear’ easing type. Is there a way to add that?

Generally the “InOut” type of easing functions look better so only those have been added. The core jquery slider plugin supports any easing that you want, but the “linear” option has not been provided in the settings of the WP plugin. In order to add that an edit of the plugin files is needed. Is “linear” really the best suited for your case? You can try the “Sine” easing types.


Is there a specific reason the pictures used by this slider are set to always download from server, not to use caching? My understanding is this just causes needless data transfer, for the server & end-user & host.

Please visit for example/explanation of this issue.

"Setting an expiry date or a maximum age in the HTTP headers for static resources instructs the browser to load previously downloaded resources from local disk rather than over the network."

A similar issue with the CSS of the plugin, is there a way to have it show some kind of static image while loading? Otherwise it’s completely blank while the images are being downloaded. Or perhaps it could display them as they download? For example download the first slide image first, display it even if the whole slideshow hasn’t loaded yet, then download the next image, etc. etc. That way visitors are at least seeing something instead of a big white box. This isn’t much of an issue on fast connections but on slower connections it causes a significant UX issue.

Thank you.

Is there a specific reason the pictures used by this slider are set to always download from server, not to use caching?

The plugin does not do any such thing by itself. I don’t know if Wordpress is causing something behind the scenes.

A similar issue with the CSS of the plugin, is there a way to have it show some kind of static image while loading?

The slider does use a loading spinner while the images are loading. It is provided in the package that you downloaded. Maybe you have removed it or some css of your theme is interfering.


Does the plugin work with WP FullPage? Can you give me a demo or trial to test?

Best regards, Marco Pointinger, 272 webdesign

I have no experience with WP Fullpage. And you can check out the live demo provided in the item page.

Just installed. Uploaded images and reset image box to 600×800 px. This is the size of my jpgs/72dpi. The program does not resize maintaining the default of 600×300, further it does not display my images in the preview or on a test page when using code. What am I doing wrong?

problem solved: program would not accept jpg file name??? I changed, it worked.

What file name were you using?

file name: k?m?päz?t.jpg….name used in other programs, but WP has its limits. ironically it kept all other files from loading properly.

I want to use this for testimonials as a slider option on this page example. Would this plugin work?

Each slide needs to be an image, and then you can associate a caption with each slide.

?yi Günler efendim bu eklentide resim yüklerken failed yaz?yor sebebi nedir.

There is no need to enter your license code anywhere in the plugin settings. The license code will only be used in your communications to Envato.

Failed .

See picture gives an error when loading

Yes, you showed me the screenshot before, and I asked you to check if the “ccslider-upload” folder has been created. Also check your server error logs to find the cause of the error.

Hi, there! My customer wants to run the ken burns slider in a lightbox, when the user is clicking a link on a website. Is this possible by any chance? THX in advance for your reply! Cheers, Nick

This is not a Ken Burns slider. Are you sure you posted in the correct item’s comments section?

Yes, I am sure! I assumed that it has the ken burns effect on board, but it seems like I was wrong. THX for your reply anyways.


I am interested in your WordPress Slideshow Plug-in. I am working on a Wordpress Multisite and due to this, I need a Plug-in which supports the following functionality: If a Slider is created on Blog A, it should be available with the same ID in Blog B. Due to this, I think it is necessary, that the Slideshow is working with the same table on both Blogs. On my Multisite we are only working on Blog A and broadcast the posts to Blog B. So the code snippet has to be the same for both blogs. Is it possible with your Plug-in?

Best regards and thank you Andreas

What are you are looking for is not possible with this plugin, since the slider instances created in a particular site are unique to that site.

Dear Sir or Madam,

This is Mohamed Ibrahim from USA

I purchased = > (( ))

The CCSlider WP – 3d/2d Slideshow WordPress Plugin On 7/24/2016

And I paid = > $23

Inside my site while I am trying to activate the Plugin using my Purchase Code = > b0278d38-f74a-4080-b127-231140b106e0

I found the Purchase Code is Not Working

Could you kindly give me a valid Purchasing Code

This is my email = >

Sincerely, Mohamed Ibrahim

Please contact Support at Codecanyon for this.

Could you kindly send me the link for the Support Dept?

Thanks & God Bless

I’ve tried looking at previous tech support conversations, from people who has or had similar image upload issues… no real solution beside folder permissions where provided.

I’ve opened my folder permission to 777, tried uploading images from different browsers (safari, firefox, and chrome). I am still experiencing image upload failure.

I currently have version 3.0.3 installed… is there anything I can do to make the image uploader work?

Replied to your email.

I don’t see your reply… please send it to

Hi, I have purchased the CCslider but when I try to upload the images, the upload fails. What is wrong?

Please contact me through the message box in my profile page – and give me access to your WP Admin so that I can take a look.

It’s not very comfortable that you have to add your pictures and articles manually. There should be an option to load articles from one or more specific categories automatically to the slideshow.

I did not quite understand. The plugin does not support articles. It only displays images in a slideshow.

Yes, i know, but that’s a pity. I (and I guess many potentially custumers as well), would like to use it as a slideshow for their homepage. Of course it’s nice, that you can embed it inside articles for displaying images, but i feel it’s a little bit to much / overloaded for this scenario. But for the usecase as a homepage-slider to display new articles on the top of the starting-page it’s perfect and a great eyecatcher. Just my opinion, i bought both of your ccslider-scripts an try to code it by myself now to do this.

I have just downloaded and installed this slider plug in. I have created a new slider, and tried to upload pics.

When I do, the plugin recognizes the image on my hard drive - shows how many kb it is - and the loading spinner appears.

Then every time, it FAILS to load the picture. I have tried several images, all less than 1 MB.

I have tried to load the same pictures via Media Library, and they load fine.

Site is

Please help

I see that the plugin uploads pictures to it’s own ccslider-uploads folder, instead of the normal uploads folder. On my server, both of these folders have permissions set to 755. I would assume if that permission is correct for the main upload, it should be fine for this one. But if not, let me know. Otherwise, I need help, I do not see any errors in the browser or server log.

Actually, I do see as 404 error in the console —it says:

Which I see means the upload.php file within the plugin folder is trying to load room-1.jpg to the newly created ccslider-upload folder - however, I don’t know why this is receiving 404 error.

Please contact me through the message box in my profile page – and give me access to your WP Admin so that I can check this issue.

my friend heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp i payed for this them but not working

please help The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Are you uploading the whole zipped up package that you downloaded from here? You need to unzip it first and upload the contents of the folder that is present inside and holds the main plugin files.

How can I use CCSlider with “Editor” Rights?

Thanks …

Best regards David

You will need to edit the CCSlider.php file for that and change the default WP capability used there.