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Hello! I have purchased your plugin and have it implemented on our church website – www.c3ottawa.com

However, I am experiencing issues with it, and would like your help to resolve it.

Basically, when I upload a photo and/or audio and then save, it will save the cover url and thumb url, but if I edit another entry and then save, any thumbnail or cover url are erased.

In the end, when I want to add another sermon each week, I end up having to replace all the ones before it…a real pain and a frustration.

Please advise.

Thank you,

Sheila Cheasbro

It is possible that you may need to increase your server’s PHP memory limit.

Another possibility is that you have reached the limit of the max_input_vars PHP setting of your server and in order to add more items to your gallery you need to increase the max_input_vars. Check out these two links – 1) http://diywpblog.com/how-to-increase-max-input-vars/ 2) http://stackoverflow.com/questions/10303714/php-max-input-vars

You should contact your hosting provider if you need help in editing your server’s php.ini file.

I sent your reply to my hosting administrator, who is also a developer.

Here are his comments:

“It looks like the post_max_size was 50m there are errors in the error log that shows the post content length being exceeded so I increased it to 100m. I think it will be a band- aid though having the post_max too high is a security concern.

The long term solution is a new plugin sadly, the way this plugin stores the data is dumb, it gathers all the data and stores it in one field in the database, so the more sermons added the larger that field is and it will always be pushed up against the limitation of post size and databases.”

This is frustrating. I paid money for a plugin that I thought would be an excellent solution for our church’s online sermon repository. But, as it turns out, it appears that this plugin has a terminal flaw that only causes me more work….and no fixable solution in sight.


All of the data that the plugin saves are either text or boolean values, so I find it hard to believe that a post_max_size value of 50M was exceeded by the plugin itself unless there are other data being POSTed along with this plugin’s data. The plugin store its data in the WP Options table and a single field in that table is capable of storing upto 4GB of data and I am sure that your stored gallery data won’t even come close to reaching this limit.

The only possible php.ini setting that may be needed to increase is the max_input_vars setting, which I had mentioned earlier. Please disable all your other plugins and then see if the problem with the data saving persists. If it does then increase the max_input_vars settings and see what happens.


I had a lot of problems with the WP pluggin v 2.1 (bought a few yeras ago on this site) and Wordpress didn’t propose any update.

I finally payed (agin though) for version 2.2… but I had to delete v 2.1 in order to install the new one. Doing that, I loose all the items of mu two galleries. Can I restore them in any way? Where are the data of each gallery?

Thanks for your help.


Yes, it should have been. Please contact Support at CodeCanyon about this.

Ok thank you, I’ll contact them. For now, I have something more urgent to fix: I can’t upload any file in my gallery (got message “Failed” under the Upload image button). And when I paste a link of a file already in the WP library, the whole gallery stops working. I did set the folder ccgallery-upload to 777 so I don’t know what to try next… I really need to make it work soon. Thanks for your help.

Please contact me through the message box in my profile page and give me access to your WP Admin – http://codecanyon.net/user/cosmocoder

Hi There i upgraded to version 2.2 and since then no items have loaded, I’m getting this message in wp admin of my theme, would you have any suggestions for a fix please? Thanks Rob


Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘}’ in /data01/c2843026/public_html/wp-content/plugins/CCGallery/CCGallery-Manager.php on line 254

im also using vimuse wp on the site and that is fine

I reinstalled the plugin and everything is now good, thanks!

That’s good to know.

Hi i need help your plugin don’t seem to work on a few pages on my test site, can you please have a look and let me know what to do, works fine on the home page put not on the rest.




CCGallery seems to be working in your page, but this page is very slow, either due to the thumbnail gallery that you have or because of some plugin/script.

I’m sorry i don’t see how your saying the coverflow works on that page when it does not!!! can you help me on getting it to work please, what can i do???

Please disable all other plugins and then see if CCGallery works. If it does then enable one plugin after another to find the culprit. If CCGallery does not work then try it in the default WP theme and if it works there then some script in your theme is interfering.

Good morning, When I open the gallery and start to move images, these are moving me upwards as I have images in vertical and horizontal. There comes a time when I can not close the gallery, because the close button is hidden by the menu bar. This is the link http://web.artguixe.com/galeria/

When you move through the gallery you will understand what I mean. If I remove the menu, I have no problem


Thanks for purchasing!

Your site’s menu bar has a very high z-index of 10000 so it covers everything in the gallery’s modal view, which has a z-index of 1001 (the mask has a z-index of 999). You need to lower the z-index of your menu to 998.

Good morning, If I wanted to make a gallery of about 50 images and I would like to see only 8 per screen, but when maximizing the images they could all be seen. It would be possible I leave the link to make it more understandable.

Http://web.artguixe.com/galeria/ Http://web.artguixe.com/galeria2/

What css did you use?

At the end I opted for another plugin where the author makes periodic updates and it is much easier to make any changes. It’s a shame that not that it is not dedicated to it since the plugin is very well. Assume that everyone should know how to search and put CSS code. This is not my case. Could you tell me the refund policies you have? Thank you.

I don’t think this case would qualify for a refund because the plugin works as expected, and you only had trouble in customizing it. But please get in touch with CodeCanyon Support for clarification.

Hi beautiful unique plugin you build, I didn’t get it to work in a theme build on WPBakery, did all in the tutorial. Any advice?

Thanks for purchasing!

I need a link to your page to inspect the problem.

Hi I send you a direct message yesterday

Replied to your email.

Hi! I also have a problem with loading the gallery after adding some new photo items recently. There are all together 20 items in the gallery and I’ve checked the photo link. Even if I delete the new items, it’s still not back as it was.

Here is a link to the gallery: http://h-retzlaff.de/360-grad/

I’d appreciate if you could help me out here.

Some of your images do not have a thumbnail image generated: 1) Stage_Club_High.jpg 2) Halle_Low.jpg

Delete these image items from the gallery settings and then see if the gallery loads. You may need to increase your php memory limit if thumbnails don’t get generated sometimes.

Interesting, these two items used to work before. I’ve changed the file name and uploaded the photo again. Now it’s working ;) Thanks!

Good to know!

1.) Is this compatible with WPBakery (formerly Visual Composer)?

2.) It is possible to have numbered thumbnails? As in, the # of the image either in the upper-right corner, or below the thumbnail?

This way, if I have a customer on the phone, I can tell them, “Take a look at Picture #12” for a particular feature, without them having to flip through all of them.

This is a very useful feature for some situations, that seems to be damn near impossible to find in most galleries.

To be clear, I’m not looking for an option of “Thumbnails OR Numbers”, that’s available in a bunch of galleries. What I need are Thumbnails WITH numbers on them.


I’m thinking to buy your good plug in. Before purchase, I need to know could the plug in have option to change thumbnail size? Seems demo thumbnail 4:3 and small thumbnail. Please let me know if your have such like that options.

Thank you

The plugin allows you to specify the thumbnail size in the settings page.