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can view video on pc but can’t view on mobile phone (im use android phone view on Dolphin Browser..) on mobile is black screen ..

The video is also not playing in desktop because the mp4 file is missing and the browser is reporting a 404 error.

im test on local my pc with localhost it work!!

but im up to my server1 (www.crossxweb.tha.im) it not work

i can fix ?

You just need to check that the paths are correct. If you use relative paths in the xml then they should be relative to the html file in which the gallery is embedded.

Great gallery in terms of functional design – just purchased!

May I add some suggestions for small improvements:

1. Flexible naming of the config.xml file: Enforcing the xml file to always be named “config.xml” causes problems when there are several html gallery files in the same directory, since the xml files have to placed on the same level (which should be mentioned much more prominently in the docs). A much more efficient solution is as follows: In the jquery.ccgallery.js file change this line: “xmlFile = ‘config.xml’,” to “xmlFile = configxml ? configxml : ‘config.xml’,” and in the relevant html file optionally add the following JS code above the gallery section and name the xml file (and the xml file itself too) as it suits you: <script type=”text/javascript”> var configxml = ‘mygallery4.xml’; </script>

2. Basic error checking routines: If the xml file is broken, i.e. a closing tag is accidentally missing, the script will just hang. Better to include a basic error check routine if the xml file has been loaded successfully or else trigger a JS alert message.

Next, if even just one image URL is not found the script will hang. Again, a basic error check should be done, but instead of an alert the link should just be ignored so that the gallery can run regardless.

3. Configurable dimensions of the Cover Flow reflections: Would be nice to have the options to configure the width (where opacity transits to zero) of left/right reflections, and the height of surface reflection.

That’s it for now – cheers!

Thanks for the suggestions.

hello, can I use it in allegro ?

I don’t understand please clarify.

Hi. Just bought this and have a question. My client is making a site full of lectures, both audio and video, and this gallery seemed the best way to present the material online.

He wants to offer the lectures for free listening / watching or for download. Is there a way to add download links at each gallery entry as well as the default view links?

There are so many files in the download it’s hard for me to dissect. When I last made a website, css didn’t even exist! If it’s too much to explain here, could you at least point me to which files I’d need to modify? It would be a huge help! I think it can’t be done it in the xml file because of character limitations. Thanks for a great product, and I’ll just force a separate downloads page on my client if it’s not possible – but as always, I think we both like like to try our best to give customers what they want!

As I said, you can style the custom html content for the captions, so you can place the links a little higher up if necessary.

Hi again. I actually got the css to allow a second description line. It’s been almost 10 years since I made a website, but the more I study this css stuff, the easier to tweak it gets. Looks like all my issues are solved with customizing this marvelous template! I can’t praise it enough :)

Just one final question and I will get back to work and stop pestering you. It’s about the license. It says “use on one finished site” but goes into no further detail. Can I use multiple instances on the same site? The more stuff I pack into it the longer it takes for the page to load. I was thinking of having a “Lecture Hall” page for audio only and a “Video Lounge” page for the videos. Will this require a second license, or will my purchase allow that since it is still on one site? Or should that question go directly to Envato support?

Be well, and I will keep an eye on your work for my future needs.

You are free to use the product (and any other Codecanyon product) as many times as you want in a single website when you purchase a Regular License.

I am upgrading from an older version. Is there a recommended method to upgrade so I don’t lose the xml/existing layout?

I replaced all js and css files with the new ones. The layout got completely messed up. I see that there are a lot of changes on the new index.html. I have sent you my existing index.html using your profile. Hope you can help me debug. Thanks

The cache just needed to be cleared and the index.html had to updated with the latest dependencies. It’s fine now – thanks.

Good to know that.

Hi, I would like to purchase your slider but I would like to commission you to put it four up on a page 2000×15000. can you also do it as a swipe on the picks rather than a slider? but I can live with as it is if you don’t have the time. how much to make it four up?

Are you wanting to embed four instances of the gallery in a single page? Note that you can navigate the coverflow thumbnails by swiping in a touch screen.

Hi I Am having some troubles seen the gallery on Chrome V46 (last version), do you have any update or solution for it? thanks in advance

I need a link to your page to inspect the problem.


I like to know how I can position the coverflow library to the latest photo instead of being positioned to the middle of all the photos in config.xml

THanks, Ansari

There is an option to pass the index number of the item that will be placed at the centre of the coverflow when the gallery loads in the page. Please refer to the provided documentation for details.

Hi, I’m trying to display a photo along with audio. Using the ‘photo’ file type and I have managed to make it work by wrapping an audio tag in the ‘CDATA’ tags in the description section, but when you hit ‘x’ to close the popup the sound continues to play. Is there a way to force all sound to stop playing when you hit close?

You are forcing the gallery to do something for which it has not been programmed to do. If you are inserting an audio tag in the description then you can watch for the click event on the lightbox close button and pause the audio. This link on HTML5 video and audio may give some pointers – https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/Guide/HTML/Using_HTML5_audio_and_video

Thanks, I think I have it figured out now.

Hello! I have purchased your plugin and have it implemented on our church website – www.c3ottawa.com

However, I am experiencing issues with it, and would like your help to resolve it.

Basically, when I upload a photo and then save, it will save the cover url and thumb url, but if I edit another entry and then save, any thumbnail or cover url are erased.

In the end, when I want to add another sermon each week, I end up having to replace all the ones before it…a real pain and a frustration.

Please advise.

Thank you, Sheila Cheasbro

It seems that you purchased the WP plugin version of CCGallery, so please post this comment in that item’s comments section.

Dear Author,

I just bought the plugin (diffent price though and place) but i Cant upload images tot the slider. It failed. But the size are less then 2MB. Is there something wrong with the slider?

Kind regards, Steven

PLUGIN: CCGallery WP – Multimedia Gallery Wordpress Plugin

Hi I just bought this plugin for my website, but just realized that I got eh html5 one instead of the Wordpress one.. Can you please issue a refund and I will buy the Wordpress one instead, or can you just exchange it for me? Thanks

Please contact Support for this.

Where do I contact support from? The only options I can find are to contact the author?

The refund policy does not cover mistaken purchases – https://codecanyon.net/page/customer_refund_policy

But you can raise a issue through here – https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us

Hi there,

I just purchased the CCGallery – HTML5 Multimedia Gallery, but I meant to purchase the wordpress plugin version of this. Is there anyway you could refund me on this current purchase and I will purchase the plugin instead?

Thank you so much!

Please purchase the WP plugin version and then open a refund request from your account.

Hello I purchased your Gallery plug in today and I implemented it on this page: http://chsoil.wpengine.com/digital-media/

the photos look good but the video when you click on it … it goes into overlay mode the Vimeo video is spilling out of the overlay container and the title is on top of the video…

Any way to resolve the issue with the videos when you click on them so things do not look broken…

I am using Chrome as my browser

Please advise Thanks!

Thanks for purchasing!

The issue that you see can be fixed by applying the following custom styling to the gallery overlay:
#overlay {
    box-sizing: content-box;

Is there a function to search videos by title?

The gallery doesn’t have support for this feature.