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To bad i actually assumed this would automatic put random items cant really use it if i have to put in and update it every time


Thank you for purchasing. This product is not a script its a html & css3 theme. But i can definitely assist you to display random items without manually adding items every time. Please do send an email through my profile.

Regards, Zi

Is the rotating in animation, the only animation available or are there options, like fade in, etc.?

Fading animation is pre coded in this item, removing or commenting 4 lines in the css file will give the fade effect.

Uhms, will it be linked to theme forest?

This is html & css template which can be integrated with php api with themeforest. This package includes only the template not the script.

whether this css can be put on the blogger widget?

this is stand alone css and html module, if you have programming skills to implement on blogger, yes its possible.