CBWebview Android - Universal Webview App to convert any Website to App (No Coding Skills Required)

CBWebview Android - Universal Webview App to convert any Website to App (No Coding Skills Required)

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No Code Website to App – Webapp

CbWebview is an Android app template to create your own app on Google Play Store. It is made for everyone who is looking to take their business online through an app. All you need is your own responsive business website. It requires no coding language in order to change any option to create the Android app you want. It is compatible with any type of website whether it may be e-Commerce, news, Video streaming, Blogs ,Fashion Gallery, Wordpress sites, Flight booking, etc. This only requires a few minutes to edit and you are ready to upload it on the Play Store.

CBWebview is made with clean code architecture making it easier to make changes for advanced users. Also it comes with error proof guarantee. We have optimized it to load your app faster while maintaining smaller app size without any third party optimizing plugins. We have also tested this app for Application Approval on Google Play store.

Click here to download CBWebview Android demo app

Features included :

  • Splashscreen Page
    The page that loads your App logo and App name before loading the webview page. Options to edit the app logo and name are given in project documentation.
  • Website to App
    CBWebview supports all type of mobile-friendly websites. You will simply have to add your website URL to a given project.
  • Proguard Protection/Security
    CBWebview has proguard protection to secure your app over Play Store and do not allow users to decompile the source code of classes in your project file..
  • AdMob Integration
    Monetize your app in seconds. Show banner ads throughout your app. Also supports Ads in popups shown during navigation on the popup page.
  • Side Menu (Navigation Drawer)
    Use this page to add links to different pages of your website.
  • Rate and Share Support
    Allows you to share your app with others using different social media accounts and also provides a rating app option for Play Store purposes. This feature can be found on Side Menu Page.
  • In-App Navigation support
    Allows you to navigate between different pages of a website inside the app itself. Also back and forward buttons are added in order to make your app navigation easy and fast.
  • Animated Page Loader
    Beautiful animation loader is seen while the website URL takes time to load to make your app look more attractive and make it user engaging.
  • Swipe to refresh
    Choose to refresh/reload your pages with just a swipe gesture.
  • Full-Screen Support
    On a scroll of webview, the bottom tab bar auto hides making webview fullscreen and it reappears once you reach the top of the webview.
  • Responsive Layout (Fully usable on android devices above Android KITKAT Version)
    You can run this app over android phones and tablets.Compatible to all screen sizes
  • Offline Web Support (HTML)
    Load offline webpages from assets, great for apps based on Ionic, Cordova or other native web frameworks.
  • No Internet Check
    Show a screen that will inform the user in case there is no internet connection available. Also gives the option to reconnect to the internet.
  • 404 Page Support
    If any URL is faulty or any website server issue failed to load then the 404 page gets displayed in-order to show that the webpage is not available.
  • RTL Support
    Some languages of the world (Arabic, Hebrew, etc.) are RTL oriented, meaning they are read right-to-left, instead of left-to-right. Typically in web applications supporting one of these languages, everything is reversed, meaning scroll bars, progress indicators, buttons, etc.RTL support is optional, you can turn it on/off as per your needs.
  • Dark Mode Support
    Improves visibility for users with low vision and those who are sensitive to bright light. Also makes it easier for anyone to use a device in a low-light environment. It is an optional feature, you can turn it off from the Settings Page in the app.
  • Youtube, HMTL5, Vimeo Video Support
    Supports inline playing of videos in your websites or any video links.
  • Cookie Storage Support
    Allows you to store webpage cookies.Also gives option to clear cookies.
  • Save Documents and images in the App folder
    All the downloadable files on your website can be downloaded and saved.
  • Website In-App Popup/ Dialog Support
    This feature allows showing all the alerts or dialogs or popups inside the website.
  • Open In Browser Support
    This option is available if you wish to show a certain link outside the app.
  • Popup Webpage Support
    Allows you to display custom popup with weblink / url.
  • Clean and standard Coding Implemented
    Clean and standard coding makes your app size less, loads faster and works smoothly.
  • Code commenting implemented for better understanding
    Code commenting will help you navigate through project and help you understand the coding literals used inside project.
  • All types of Websites supported (e.g. Ecommerce, Video Streaming, Education Portal)
  • Free Support and Updates
  • Step-by-Step Documentation Included

Questions & Support

If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of help documentation included with project file, you can raise ticket at Support Page.

If you have any questions regarding this project, you can always ask your question in the comments section.

Support Policy


  • Assistance with setup and deployment.

    If after following all instructions in help documentation you still have trouble deploying your app, we’ll gladly help you and point you in the right direction.

  • Modifications covered by app functionality

    Minor tweaks or changes that can be done without modifying application source files or implementing new features.

  • App Compatibility With Included Resources

    We guarantee that your application works as intended with any additional repositories bundled with or recommended in the documentation. In case any issue occurs, it will be fixed in a timely manner.

  • Assistance with reported bugs

    Our apps are coded using clean code architecture and checked for compatibility in different coding environments. However, if you find any bug which prevents you from using the code as intended feel free to contact our support team.

Not Covered

  • Complete App Setup From Start to Finish

    Our documentation will help you to get started even if you have little to no knowledge about the coding environment. Still, if you find it difficult or simply don’t have enough time, you can always order our custom development service and we’ll take care of the rest.

  • Customization not covered by app features

    This includes extending or modifying your app beyond its advertised features. For any development work, you can always contact our development studio.

  • Support for 3rd party repositories & custom codes.

    We do not guarantee the full compatibility of your application with the custom codes or repositories apart from those included with the project files. Custom codes or features you add to the application may conflict with the working of the app. Resulting issues are not covered by our Support Policy. Making an app compliant for Play store approval using such additional repositories may require additional customization which is also not included in support service.

  • Faulty Software setup or Play store rejection

    Our application with all features added is approval guaranteed. However, issues caused by outdated software, conflicting code added by you leading to play store rejection, or additional functionality added in your application go beyond our standard support service. Please consult the documentation for the resources that you’re using in your code to get the necessary assistance.


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