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tienpay Purchased

I need to have this upload and install to my to www.digitalocean.com

sure , please contact me on Skype@ aman.xpert@gmail.com


I’m interested in a HRM product to use with Perfex (CRM software). I’m considering your product but based on your demo, there are a lot of bugs still unfixed and also the whole system feels laggy.

I see that the latest update is from September 2017 and also you said 2 months ago that you are working on the update. Any news about that? Will it be available in the next few days? If not, please estimate a timeline for the new update. Also, I’m interested if all the bugs / issues will be fixed and also, interested if there will be any new features or addons.

Thank you!

Thanks for showing interest in my application. Yeah i am working on releasing new update by end of this month. This is very big application and after making basic version i am working on module wise, this update will mainly have Project Management, and this related to projects, few inventory updates, new Metronic Theme implemented, and many small features as well, already tried to fix the bugs that i noted, and i am committed to release more updated and bug fixes.

Again thanks for showing interest, it really help keeping the spirit on.


did you upload the update???????

few design fixes and then the update is ready to be launched, thanks for your review

Hello, can you allocate leave to employees? if so, can you allocate in hours instead of days? So, one can allocate 114 hour a year to an employee?

you can allocate leaves to employee, but its only in the form of days

I’m trying to login to the demo version using the provided credentials but it’s not working, can you help please!

Sorry, the item is under update process, new logins are admin/Admin@123

Demo is still not working. I am thinking of purchasing but ned to run the demo first.


Hello , thank you for the product, however i find it very dificult to create invoices , very confusing , as there is invoice item, invoice, inventoryinout …etc also is there away to create an invoice in one simple screen please

thanks for the purchase. Yes its coming in update. As you would understand this is very big concept, i am doing my best to touch every stone. Thanks

Actually its all linked, items getting sold in invoice , get inventoryout entry in the inventoryinout table. I am covering inventory operation in this update : item request, purchase orders, allocating products to employees , receiving items from purchase order, creating invoices and all the base actions to manage the system. Thanks

We need to know the exact date of the new version, we want to buy the system , but we need the update.

Update is ready.. but i am testing all the features before update may be in few days.. thanks

Hi, can this be translated to Chinese?

Yes it support multilanguage. Its db based.

But not implement fully on application

how difficult will it be to tie this into a woo commerce website ?

its .net mvc, so i think its totaly different thing, you have to install it on windows hositng.

When we get the update version? I want to see in demo, now demo link is missing.

Yes you will get next version free.

ok, Is already include these module (sale purchase inventory account multi companies multi branches and CRM)? pls

yes’ ,but they are not set to workflows

is it include source code?

Yes all the code is provided, except models and base structure.

Demo is still not working. I am thinking of purchasing but ned to run the demo first.

Hi please visit:Hi, Please visit : http://cbuddy.skilledi.com/ Login : admin/Admin@123 Thanks

The menu is so long it’s not coming in the screen? you should add scroll bar or may be it’s a bug please check.

we are updating the demo, menus can be easily managed from menu managements, we will update it as per departments and roles, thanks

I would like to purchase this software, Does this suits for garments manufacturing. Looking forward to proceed

please contact us at skype;aman,xpert@gmail,com,we need more details from you, to make any statement, thanks

Unable to login to demo site

Hi, Please visit : http://cbuddy.skilledi.com/ Login : admin/Admin@123 Thanks

Cant access to Live Preview utilizing Login : http://cbuddy.skilledi.com  owner/owner@123 , I´m really interested to review prior to buy.thankyou

Hi, try admin/Admin@123

I would like to buy it but I could not access demo site… could you please give me valid user id and password

Try admin/Admin@123, thanks

When we get the update version?


Kind time of day. How can I contact you ?