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ikosay Purchased

I’m waiting for your help. Thank you for your feedback

Sure . I will update soon thanks

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Dear AMANx i purchase your product in the Screen shots i Saw KPIs tasks management gantt chart and lot of things that i couldnt find in the version i bought

hello dear, thanks for the purchase, its there i think got your request on skype, please give me some time to send you details for the respective pages. Thanks

Hello, i can’t find any installation guide on your file, could you sent complete guide about that ?

give me todays time i will provide you the complete solution, thanks

Ok, i will be waiting thanks.

any updates ?

Hi Support, I could not find sql scripts in the download package. Please guide where are the sql scripts for the database.

Hi dear, its code first , just run the project or run nuget update database command for more help Skype me at aman.xpert@gmail.com thanks

Hello, please respond your Skype.

Their support is very slow _

Why i can’t find feature on screenshot ? like KPI task management, gantt chart, etc ?

Please Assign Permission for that Pages under Menu Permissions module, or wait for few days i have updated my item as per issues faced by valued clients like you. Thanks

I can’t find that pages in view, sure i will be waiting.


Any updates yet ?

working on the last issue that you mentioned..updating soon


ikosay Purchased

need update. i am not use. buy i bought

Update is on its way will be uploaded soon


ikosay Purchased

hope problems have been resolved

yeah i resolved the problems from your feedback and some more from other values clients..

Please share how to login and view demo. Thanks



ikosay Purchased

Updated and so good. Thank u for man. U are best. Best project/company management system in codecanyon.

Hello project is add Supports ticket system

It will be ….in future

Have PHP version?

No only .net version MVC code first

Hello Sir , are you have POS for “motor bike sales and services ” for multi shops ? Regards

It has base structure for POS but currently Project Management Update is going on will be available in few days. Next will be accounts & POS. Thanks

Best Project and company management system. It is a must have system in every company. I addition Aman is a wonderful person and i feel so happy working with him.

Thanks Dear.. I really appreciate that.

demo login details pls ?

Sorry owner@owner@123

demo login details as well please? also, do you have an employee clockin-clockout function?

sorry …


Amanx, your logins don’t work.I wanted to buy this as it looked like it had potential..surely a working version with a password would be your starting point here

username : owner password : owner@123

demo credential please?


AMANX Author

owner / owner@123