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Hello, i’ve bought the script, but i cannot login. First the index redirected me to your website, si i’ve removed the route with the ips and it started working, but i cannot login. I’ve tried and changed the credentials in the user table but it still The email and password you entered don’t match, whatever i try. It says: .../api/auth/login Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error)

I’m using sub domain and the script is not on the root folder of the domain.

Can you help me?


I am trying to install this application to the cPanel without the terminal, so could you please give me the instruction how to do it? I am looking forward to hearing from you. Best, Chomnan

And I wonder php artisan migrate is not working it’s always appear message: [PDOException] SQLSTATEHY000 Connection refused

I strongly sure that I enter the database, username and password correctly. One more thing could you give me the idea how to configure application’s document / web root to the public directory.

Please let me know I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. Best regards, Chomnan

Hello why no one response?


I’m sorry if it took some time for us to reply.

You can install the application without using the terminal since the vendor dependencies are already included in the system on the latest version that we’ve uploaded. If you’re using the older version, kindly download the latest version. You don’t have to execute php artisan migrate as well since we’ve included an SQL file of the database itself.

You can just upload the files in your server and import the database to phpmyadmin.

Once you’ve done this and this error occurs: [PDOException] SQLSTATEHY000 Connection refused, in the .env file try changing DB_HOST from to localhost.

Regarding your last question about setting up the public directory in the root, I’m afraid I don’t fully understand what you want to achieve. Can you elaborate on that?

You can email us directly at


Hello again, what happened? I gave you ftp access to fix the script and no word from you? Is this the great support you provide? 1 month and something i’ve bought the script and i’m still not able to use it. There are a lot of mistakes you’ve made. The first one is the instant redirect to your website on the index…. I’ve fixed that but still auth/login gets me 404 and i cannot pass on that one. PLEASE HELP ME since its company money that i used to pay you!

I re-sent my issue here as there is no contact from your side from almost two weeks.

Email notification are not sent at all. How it works actually, can we test it in real time, or always need to setup expiry domain within 30days ?

Could you please help to setup smtp setting. I attached config files.

Additionally I have 2 questions

Is it possible to change notification and expiring period ? mean instead of 30 days I need to shorten to 14 ?

Second think , could be connected to smtp issue, as my hosting provider requires php send from header to be a hosting domain. Where can I find it and change or add ( usually I need to add something like below to work on sent method: $headers .= “From: Web Mailer <>\r\n”; )

Hello again, do you have any news. Another week with no response.

Hi. How to installing hosting account ? Can I get detailed information? also Script redirect why ? help me please.

important and urgent

Hello, this script I set up a hosting account.but when I open the site the site opens. could you help ?