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fantastic work! best for your sales in 2017

Thank u Bro :)

please contact me i well send to u demo apk

@ digitalcenturysf

Stop spamming all these comment sections with the same comments merely to push your own products. Your account should be suspended.

How can i Help u :)

Thank you :)

@ PreScriptZ

“GLWS!” Really? STOP spamming all these comment sections in a desperate effort to push your own products. I think you’ll find that everyone is sick of your comments and will likely never buy from you, anymore than they would buy from any spammer. As an author, your actions are deplorable. Imagine if every other author in this marketplace did the same as you are doing.

Hi dear I did not do that And please before you speak again make sure what you say My respects

@ halloumi99

I did not say you did. If you had actually read the comment, you would have seen that it was addressed to ”@ PreScriptZ” NOT you.

aha ok sorry

can i get a demo apk

also is android studio/eclipse code available ????

Yes, I will send you, Just contact me please

i am getting error while importing project “E:\codecanyon-19270657-caveman-world\caveman\android\libs\google-play-services_lib\res\values-v21\appinvite_styles.xml:5: error: Error retrieving parent for item: No resource found that matches the given name ’@android:style/Theme.Material.Light.DialogWhenLarge.NoActionBar’.”

Yes If you want

Let me know how and when?

Right now if you want

great work hope you have good sale :)

Thank you :)

it’s a beautiful game

Thank you :)


taha_dz Purchased

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You have a problem on your Eclipse Please Contact me I can fix This in one minute


taha_dz Purchased

how i can contact you

send to me a litter

contact me for demo apk dev.appsandro@gmail.com

Amazing Game Wow :o



leewa Purchased

Amazing game thanks :)

that’s nice to hear

Nice Work, GLWS

Thank you :D

Demo please, can you send the apk demo to my email agayzjr@gmail.com ?

contact me for demo apk dev.appsandro@gmail.com