Caveman Puzzle - Android Game +Admob Ads

Caveman Puzzle - Android Game +Admob Ads

★ Overview:

In Caveman Puzzle game, you move 1 or 2 bones to fix the equation. You have 3 helps for using to fix the equation (solution, facebook, twitter). Caveman Puzzle is an easy application for customize and you will get the admin panel with downloaded files to add new equations without needing to upload new version on google play and also you will get a handy documentation with video tutorials to show you how install and customize this game and how to use its admin panel.

★ Download Demo apk :

★ How to play this game :

Solution bones puzzles and mathematical equations with the caveman in the Stone Age is a great way to spend your spare time and training logic and intelligence. puzzle caveman you move one or two of the bones to adjust the equation, the spectrum pressure on the sceen to move the bone to any direction to get a good result.


★ features:

- Admin panel.

- Drag & drop.

- works on devices less powerful 100 level and more than

- Help system & coins.

- so super graphics

- Admob Ads Supported

- Support all devices and srceens.

- Touch Tools Hint and pulling and dropping.

- Puzzles solutions exist in the list .

- Rate & share.

- take help from your friends on Facebook and twitter.

- sound effects and music that create a fun of the game .

- we hope you enjoy playing these puzzles.

★ What You Get:

Eclipse Code Documentation File HTML File

★ Reskin:

It’s easy to re-skinnig just follow the documentation


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