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Can You Show Me a Screenshot of Atlases?

Can I know why you need that !

Hello, bought the item. But when i install it on my device it only show black screen with music background.. should i install a cocos2d stuff in my pc? or anything? Thank you and its a great game.

No. You don’t have to install cocos. Just make sure that the version of the system is compatible with the game. If you use emulator install newer version from android sdk . Or try it on a real device. Tnx :)

this game makes my smartphone keep restarting

Maybe you have a problem in your phone. It works great for other people and for me too

it’s hard to change the atlas image according to its original position, any solutions for this ?,i tried but throwing error

you have to put images with the same size and place it over the original atlas without deleting first one ,, after adjusting the size and position you can delete the original one .. problem solved

can you provide me some video tutorial changing characters in atlas images

problem in Libpng library ?

I do not know how it

I do not know how it

send a message to the support asking for a refund .. and give them the link of the game

When I test the game in a virtual device (genymotion), I cannot open it, I get the error “Unfortunatly, caveman run has stopped”. Did you already face this or you know a way to resolve it ? thanks

try to run it in other emulator .. or let one of your friends tries it .. because the problem is from you genymotion

You have to rebuild the app with new version of libpng. these files : lib/x86/libplayer.so lib/armeabi-v7a/libplayer.so lib/armeabi/libplayer.so are obsolete and no longer supported by google play

After many researches, the problem is certainly from the original app building. In my side, I have no way to fix this. Could you please update libpng for google play store. Otherwise I cannot use the app and I am obliged to ask for refund Thanks

can I import and edit the source code on android studio? can I get the source code with the banner and interstitial ads of admob can you send me your email address? h.douirek@gmail.com

Hello I’m interested in your game, I want to buy, but I want the source code for android platform. Can you build ? h.douirek@gmail.com