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Hello there , I have received your application and I published the market . No problem . Google gave warning . In practice , there was vulnerability . https://goo.gl/Uyzca7

I appreciate your help .

ok, problem is solved. thnx


suganux Purchased

just bought your product few hours ago, running at my eclipse, then i get 85 errors and 21 warnings. please help, take a look at this screenshot http://prntscr.com/bhuaye

Hi ! please go to project>properties>android lint prefrences , and click on ignore all , then click apply , after that hit OK . when you do that you go back to project again , and hit clean>clean all projects . Good Luck

Someone deleted my application is stopped because of spam . Please fix it. Or am I going to complain to Codecanyon .

Hi ! you should know that if you don’t reskin the game ( change the graphics ) google will take your product down . this is how things work . most likely the reason that caused you this trouble is that you used the same screenshots / icon / and description . please read google’s policies

Google was not the problem. You complain.

subject_lr_dmca: Your Request to Google full_name: Chtina companyname: scheme studios represented_copyright_holder: Chtina contact_email_noprefill: chtinaelmehdi@gmail.com country_residence: MA location_of_copyrighted_work: google play store description_of_copyrighted_work: this is a copy of my game . here is my game https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.schemestudios.cavemonster.jumpout . and he’s coping the same description the same screenshots . the game is the same . please take action as soon as possible hidden_category: images url_box: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hsagaming.magara url_box: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hsagaming.magara dmca_affirmations_authorized: agree dmca_affirmations_penalty: agree1 NoticeToDeveloper: agree1 signature: Chtina hidden_product: googleplay hidden_ctx: geolocation: MA

We do not need to change. I would change if a problem for Google . You made the complaint. sad that you did as a dealer .

where is android studio project?

Hi ! open Android Studio . on the welcome screen select the 4th option ; Import project ( Eclipse ADT , Gradle , ect …)

Include Buildbox File ?

i have 2 questions

1. in android studio display 1 error “error: NDK integration is deprecated” how can i resolve?

2. how can i disable the admob integration?

thanks, i have other question i try to include the game in other android app but i can’t this game is posible to include in another app or only works independent

HI ! can you explain more clearly please .

this game is posible to add in another app ? or only works separately?

Looks very neat and well polished :D.Also love the obstacles. Wish you all the best with it:)

thanks for the kind words mate :grin:

where can I find (gradle.properties) file ?