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Hi, does this also solve the problem where the sorting options for each category URL are added on e.g:

/brand/nike/?view=grid /brand/nike/?view=list /brand/nike/?orderby=date /brand/nike/?orderby=date&view=grid /brand/nike/?orderby=date&view=list

Can it redirect for those but only for search engine spiders and not users ?

Thanks in advance

Hi Pidea, thank you for interest. Sorry no: this plugin fixes all the category > subcategory issue, where you can type anything you want in the <<category>> part and get the same page. Everything after the ”?” is not handled (it is, actually, an “argument” to filter the results).

Ok thanks for the reply. If you could add the ability to redirect all those pages to the main root one it could be really useful. Google is currently crawling 23 versions of the same page which is wasteful for bandwidth – the only difference is the order that the products appear on the page.

This is something you can do using the robots.txt file. Just add something like:

Disallow: /?* to purge every URL that has query string parameters.

You can use also something of more specific like: Disallow: /?orderby=*

I’ve got several products that are in the same several different categories. I want to be able to have the product URL’s include whatever category it was clicked through from…

Example: birds is the category a user clicks a product in birds then takes them to a product page with URL of: /birds/product

But the same product is in cats a user clicks product in cats now product URL is /cats/product

Make sense?


Hi, I agree, this totally make sense!

Unfortunately WP has a single univocal URL for every element (the permalink), so you can’t have a product with multiple URLs for each category in which it resides. This could be done with some sort of aliasing, but Wordpress (and WooCommerce) structure doesn’t work in this way.

In addiction of this, someone could tell you that this bring duplicated contents that Google will not like—but this is a theory like others, I don’t want to partecipate in this debate :)

Hi Tzvir, I’m very sorry that you’re experiencing problems with out plugin. Unfortunately I can’t be sure that it works with Hebrew, the link you posted is… unreadable, because of a strong urlencoding!

as you can see the aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa is not a category or a sub category :) and the link still works

is there a way to get a fix for the issue or a refund ?

Hi, as told by email to your customer we will try to fix this problem – that seems to be present only on WP installation in Hebrew – in a future release. In the meanwhile your customer can ask a refund to Envato or wait for this to be fixed.

Hi Tzvir,

Im curious if this would fix the problem of showing more than 1 product and category under a specific category.

For instance:

We have 6 top categories, with various amounts of subcategories under each parent category. But after the 2nd and 3rd category it starts to blend the child/subcategorgies and products instead of keeping everything tidy and seperate to its own specific category.

Products should only be seen on the last category it’s linked to.

Does this plugin solve that problem?

Hi, sorry but this is beyond the scope of our plugin, so basically… no, it doesn’t solve this problem but only the problem about the multiple (duplicated) URLs that brings to the same category.

thanks for the feedback :)

ho preso il plugin e lato pubblico funziona bene, a livello amministrativo, se uso il filtro categoria, mi redireziona verso il lato pubblico invece di filtrarmi i prodotti di una determinata sottocategoria, problema che non si pone con la categoria madre.

Come posso risolverlo?

Grazie in anticipo!

ok, let’s swith to english ;-) I’ll download the updated version. I’ll let you know if I’ll still have issue on filtering categorie from back-end thank you for prompt reply Ciao!

Hi there should be something wrong :( it doesnt work !! please double check and let me know it is quite urgent because I got a copywriter that must see the website but now the menu is not working

Hi, what do you mean with “it doesn’t work”? Are you getting some kind of error?

Are you sure that it’s not anything else that make the menu not working? The current version of the plugin is installed here: http://www.italmarche.com/ and it’s working properly.

If the problem is caused by the plugin you can simply disable it from the plugin list and the problem should be automatically fixed (so you can confirm me that is our plugin that is causing your troubles… and you can show the website to your copywriter :) )

Hi Raneri, thanks for the plugin. Works great with my products so far.

Can this plugin be extended to also handle category pages and subcategory pages?

For example:


But what about…


Can this be done?

Hi tjkelly, thank you very much for your feedback! I’m not sure to have understood your request: in your example “product-category” is a real category of your online store?

Yes, but I’ll use real examples to make things clearer.

This works great.

  • American Classic is a category
  • 5B is a product




Can this also work?

When visitors view the American Classic category page:


Can ^ THAT become this ->


Hi, and sorry for the delay due to the summer break here in italy :) Unfortunately this is not possible by design: WooCommerce uses different “prefixes” in the URL to understand if the user is browsing a category or a single product. This is one of the question that is asked very frequently, but it’s not easily “fixable” (if we consider this a bug, even if it is not)

Very nice plugin, it works very well for categories without parameters:

http://www.example.com/categories/tall-hats/—> http://www.example.com/categories/hats/tall-hats/ etc.

But it would be nice if categories with parameters were also redirected, like:

http://www.example.com/categories/tall-hats/?filter_color=2—> http://www.example.com/categories/hats/tall-hats/?filter_color=2 etc.

Right now it looks like the plugin does this:

http://www.example.com/categories/tall-hats/?filter_color=2—> http://www.example.com/categories/hats/tall-hats/

(i.e. remove the parameter)

Hello Madsphi, I’m happy to tell you that the new version (1.02) of the plugin includes the feature you requested :)

It’s currently being reviewed by CodeCanyon, I think it will be ready for the download in the next few hours (anyway you should get a notification when it’s ready, because you purchased the previous version).

Thank you very much for your suggestion!

Sounds great. Thanks for the update.

hi if i take out the parent categories with this code, https://gist.github.com/BFTrick/6639414

before code example.com/category/shoes/shoe-styles/walking-shoes after code example.com/category/walking-shoes

and i then install your plugin, will your plugin automatically 301 redirect and canonical the before URL to The After URL?

and can i delete all 301 redirects already in place for those url’s?

Hi Cm… nope. This plugin fixes the little bug that is explained in the description, it doesn’t manage redirections and canonical URLs for moved categories and products.

Will this plugin help me with the folowing problem?

When creating a new product i am adding it to multiple categories. Woocommerce is automatically assigning one of these categories as the main category in the product permalink.

But i want the other category to be shown in the url!

Possible? or is there anyother plugin for this?

Hi aFewLeft! Unfortunately, our plugin does the opposite, leaving only one, single, canonical url for every category. And – in addiction of this – it operates on the categories, and not on the “single product” page.


is with the plugin category url fixer for woocommerce this possible:

/phone/samsung/s4 /phone/iphone/5s

Thans for answer

Ok, now I’ve understood :) Unfortunately, this isn’t the in the scope of this plugin (it basically avoid duplicated/not existent subcategories). What you are looking for is a hierarchical URL structure where products URLs are after their respective category path, but WooCommerce uses a different prefix for categories and products, to distinguish between the two paths.

ah ok thanks for the detailed answer :) can you suggest me a plugin for me to realize my thing?

You aren’t alone, a lot of people asks this on the web ;) This is one of the many pages where the same question is asked: http://wpquestions.com/question/showChrono/id/8582

Hi, can i use this plugin, this is my website details:

W3 Total Cache Version WooCommerce Version 2.3.11 Yoast SEO Version 2.3.5 Wordpress Version 4.2

Hi, yes it SHOULD work without problems.

We tested it also with WP 4.3.1 and Woo 2.3.13 (current versions) and we didn’t receive any compatibility issues with Yoast SEO and W3 Total Cache.

Hey, I bought your Plugin, that should fix Woocommerce category url s to avoid double content. I’ve a lot of double content between category and shop. I’ve activated the Plugin, but… example, same product, 2 Links, look:

http://www.kuhfell.ch/language/de/shop/kalbfelle/kalbfell-k47/ http://www.kuhfell.ch/language/de/produkt/kalbfell-k47/

Can I fix this with your plugin.? How?

Thx in advance Manni

Hi Diagana, thank you for your purchase. Maybe it’s an incompatibility with your version of WP and/or Woo. What versions are you running?

Sorry, I didn’t notice that you were talking about PRODUCTS URLs, this plugin is about CATEGORIES URLs, in fact it is called “Category URLs Fixer” :)

WordPress 4.3.1 Woocommerce 2.4

Hi, have bought , i have a question, fir my website, the catagory define is:


so when i access any of those links:

it always point to:, so the problem is can I remove the catagory’s parent catagory, like weddings, wedding-party-dresses, i don’t like so long catagory url.

wait your reply, my email is: 1021488802@qq.com

Hi Liuhui, thank you for your purchase. Our plugin is “doing its job”, it redirects the user to the canonical url (that includes the full path where the products are placed), avoiding duplicated content on different URLs. Category URLs Fixer is supposed to FIX the URLs, and not to shorten them :/

Hi ! :)

I sent you an email via your profile page, because I don’t want to write my site URL publicly. Thanks in advance, have a nice day.

@+ Stéphane

Hi Stephane, thank you for your contact :) We’ll review it and we’ll answer you by email. Cheers!

Hi there,

Interesting plugin.

If a product appears in 5 categories, can I control and assign the ‘Main Category’ of my choosing, and then add the canonical tag pointing to that main category.

The aim/goal, is to keep the multiple urls from each category, while adding the canonical to the main category, thus eliminating the dupe content issue.

This way, to the end user navigating to a product from category 3, will not show category 1 in the url.

Each duplicated product listing will have it’s own url in each of the 5 categories, canonical tag pointing to the main one of course…


Hi Gerry, I think you’re expecting our plugin to do something that is out of its scope: its target is to fix category URLs and not product URLs (in fact, its name is “Category URLs Fixer for WooCommerce”).

From our description, on CodeCanyon: This plugin automatically improves WooCommerce URL structure for product categories/subcategories, removing (redirecting) duplicated contents.


We are experiencing some strange accessible URLs on our WooCommerce category pages, and then I found your plugin. I want to make sure it’s the solution for our problem.

For example this is an accessible URL: https://www.molenaarmeubelen.nl/catalogus/wonen/xxxx/xxxx/onderhoud/

So your plugin would fix this and redirect this to the correct URL?

E.g.: https://www.molenaarmeubelen.nl/catalogus/alles/onderhoud/

Please confirm. Thanks for your prompt reply!

Kind regards Erik

Hi Erik, yes… our plugin should fix this!

Just in case before we purchase: If not working, do you offer a full refund?

Yes, for sure, don’t worry about this :)

Hi! Please check the demo URL http://fln.high-light.ru/product-category/clothing/women/ If you modify this URL http://fln.high-light.ru/product-category/clothing/bla-bla/women/ ( add ”/bla-bla/” ) , it was supposed to not work. Nevertheless Url (wrong) does not redirect or 404.

What am I doing wrong?

Hi, if the plugin is active it could be an incompatibility with your installation of WP/WC, let’s try to understand where’s the catch. I need a temporary access to the FTP of your website to make a couple of test, is it possible? If so, you can send the access user/password to info {AT} raneri.it and I will review the problem.

Hi, I just bought this item and installed in our staging environment. Didn’t work as you described, I tried with:

-Browse to canonical OK --1.http://glowlighting.staging.wpengine.com/product-category/chandelier-style/maria-theresa-chandeliers/

But (main reason to buy the plugin) if I remove the parent category from the url


redirect me to

NOT FOUND—3.http://glowlighting.staging.wpengine.com/chandelier-style/maria-theresa-chandeliers/

Instead to URL 1.

Please let me know why isn’t working and how to fix this issue?


Hi, please send us an email at info {at} raneri.it, I think I’ve a solution for you (the same for flashday from the comment above), so we will try it together. Thank you.


I want to know if its possible define this structure with you plugin:

www.domain.com www.domain.com/shop/ www.domain.com/shop/product-category/ www.domain.com/shop/product-category/product

Without any 404 problems, let me know. Thanks

Hi, the category “folder” of WooCommerce is different from the main shop “folder” (the one that Woo uses to identify the URLs of the single products and the shop home), so I don’t think you can have this structure, even with other plugins because it can’t distinguish between product and categories.

Presale Question: I’m using Woocommerce and WPML with two domains. I would like to have SEO-friendly urls, that means: domain.com/shopname/categoryname/productname

Is this possible? Is your plugin also working with WPML?

Thanks in advance!

Hi, yes it can work on multiple domains at once but I can’t confirm it will work on WPML AND latest version of WC+WPML because the latest WC version we tested (and that is officially supported, as stated in the tech details) is 2.6.x, even if we are not receiving compliants about incompatibility.

Ok, but my main question is still unanswered, can i have SEO-friendly urls with your Plugin, like: domain.com/shopname/categoryname/productname ?

Or is it not possible?

Nope. This plugin operates only on URLs of categories (in fact its name is “Category URLs Fixer”).