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Hi, can you assign multiple image for each Category? (this means that the system will chose randomly a featured image from the pool of images assigned to the specific category. thanks.

No at the moment it does not support multiple images

It does not work on the rss Auto Post

The plugin will work if the posts get published via publich_post action. Perhaps you would want to send a support request to RSS Auto Post plugin authors

It does not work as I want Please cancel and refund Thank

Please file a support request or a refund request explaining what does not work as given on the plugin page.

Hello, i need to show a little category’s icon over the top-left corner of my posts’ thumbnail in my wordpress blog: The icon should be only for a specific post’s category. Is this possible with your plugin or with a little customization?


This plugin will set a featured image, it won’t set a category icon. There are other plugins for it.

ok but the Icons are basically png files. Shall i do what i need with your plugin? Thanks in advance

No, I would not recommend that.

Are you still actively updating this plugin? I see the most recent version is from early last year?

We ensure that the plugin works with the latest version of Wordrpess

Getting an “Invalid URL for a category” error. Any fix for this?

No worries mate! The problem fixed it self somehow. Thanks anyway, love your work. :)


i want to change the theme and the new theme have different featured image size. Can i use your plugin to bulk change all those images and remove the plugin afterwards?

You don’t need this plugin. You need a plugin which will regenerate resized images. This plugin can only bulk set featured images. Try the Regenrate Thumbnail plugin.


Thanks for your fast answer. I would do so, but the old Featured Images with size 150×150px cant be resized to 990×340px. I Need new Images which replace my current images.

Hi, I was wondering if you are able to set the default image based on post, pages and custom post types?

Sorry, it cannot.

If post is having multiple categories each having featured image.. then which will publish?... with this plugin can all be published in a slider form…

It will just use the first category available. It cannot publish a slider.

Do you plan to upgrade the plugin to be compatible with PHP 7?

Yes, send a support request and I will send you the PHP 7 version

Compatible for woocommerce product feature image?

Sorry, no it is not.